Independence Day Roll-out of New Website!

Happy Independence Day!  I hope you enjoy the collection of articles that Kathleen and I have put together to mark this 236th anniversary of our extraordinary country.   Allen West’s Balkanized States of America as well as Heritage’s Does the Declaration of Independence Still Matter are especially good reads.

I also want to welcome you to our new website!  As many of you know, the genesis of was the 2010 U.S. Senate Campaign.  After the close of the campaign, Kathleen and I continued to receive feedback from like-minded patriots throughout country asking that we stay engaged.  We resurrected the website in May 2011.

Since then, we’ve seen incredible growth.  It’s obvious that people throughout the country are desperate for the real news, with biases of the establishment media stripped away.  With the following that has generated, Kathleen and I decided to invest in upgrading the site to make it more user friendly and adaptable to the expectation of our readers.

So, over the last several weeks, Kathleen and I have worked with top line developers at The Liberty Lab to create a new site.  The product of those efforts is before you.  I encourage to take special note of Kathleen’s new page, “Kathleen’s Korner.”  Please also take time to explore the other new features of the site as well.

Understand that there may be some glitches that we experience along the way.   If you see anything you don’t like or needs to be improved, please take a moment to send some feedback through our contact box at the upper right-hand corner of the site.  And don’t forget, if you want to see our efforts expanded, please donate or choose to advertise on our site.  Ultimately, we’d like to add reporters and writers to our site to bring you more original content.

Again, thank you for standing with Kathleen and me for the cause of Liberty.  And may God Bless you and your families on this Independence Day.


Joe Miller: My Latest Plans and Activities

I am pleased to announce to my core support group several new ventures that I am involved in. Although a press release will issue next week, I wanted you to hear about these endeavors from me first. What follows is a quick overview of where we’re going.

First, though, let me thank you again for your support during the campaign last year. That support was – and remains – one of the most gratifying aspects of the election. I hope that you will continue to support our efforts to restore liberty through any or all of the following organizations:

Restoring Liberty Alaska PAC

This PAC is dedicated to impacting elections across the state to benefit all Alaskans directly, and the nation at large by extension.

We will fight to get state and local officials elected who are dedicated to the principles of limited government and assert states’ rights under the 10th Amendment. Educating the public on the foundation of our nation – the Constitution – will also be a top priority.

We will work to restore vote integrity across the state, closely monitoring the recommendations made to the state legislature and the Division of Elections.

And we remain unwavering in our support of the pro-life movement.

Please visit us here:

We would love to have you join us at a fundraiser in Fairbanks on June 3 for the launch of the PAC.

Restoring Liberty Action Committee

Restoring Liberty Action Committee (RLAC) is an organization designed to have nationwide impact by educating the public and elected officials about the original intent of the Constitution, public policy matters, and other matters of national concern through public discussions, research and analysis, and legal work. RLAC recently filed a brief before the US Supreme Court urging the Court to return to the Founders’ vision of the Fourth Amendment.

You can read the brief here:

RLAC is a 501c(4) tax-exempt organization.

Talk Radio

I have been in discussions with several radio stations regarding a daily broadcast program. It is likely that a contract will be concluded within the next several weeks. My intent is to touch on issues that affect Alaska, which as we all know, is greatly affected by what happens across the nation and, in particular, by the shenanigans in Washington, DC.

We’re expecting an announcement within the next month once details are finalized.

Western Representation PAC

As many of you know, I am the Chairman of the Western Representation PAC, based in Sparks, Nevada. This is a leading Tea Party organization that is passionate about restoring liberty to our nation.

Beginning with no financial or political backing, Western Representation PAC has become one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing political organizations thanks to over 250,000 supporters across the country.

You can follow us here: