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New Poll Shows Miller Within Single Digits Of Murkowski

Anchorage, Alaska. September 28, 2016 — A new poll released this week finds Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller within single digits of incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

The People’s Pundit Daily tracking poll surveyed 317 likely Alaskan voters and found Murkowski with 38 percent, to Miller’s 30 percent, while Democrat Ray Metcalfe garnered 13 percent and 19 percent remained undecided.

Not included in the poll was left-leaning Independent senate candidate Margaret Stock.

A poll conducted in late August, prior to Miller’s entry into race, had Murkowski at 56 percent to Metcalfe’s 12 percent and Margaret Stock’s 5 percent. In other words, the senator has seen a significant drop-off since Miller entered the field.

Though Alaska is notoriously difficult to poll, Metcalfe’s consistent numbers in both surveys bolster the results as giving at least a rough picture of where the race stands.

It should be noted that Alaska has a strong conservative base, as evidenced by the Republican presidential primary results in March.

Sen. Ted Cruz, won the state taking 36 percent of the vote, followed by Donald Trump with 33.5 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio with 15 percent and Dr. Ben Carson with 11 percent. In other words, non-establishment Republicans accounted for at least 80 percent of the primary vote total in the state.

Miller’s insurgent candidacy would appear best poised to benefit from the popular anti-establishment sentiment in the country.

“We like where we stand right now,” said Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto. “We are three weeks into this race, and Joe is within single digits of an incumbent U.S. senator who spent millions billing her herself as ‘The Conservative Voice For Alaska’ but having a record of voting with Obama more than any other ‘Republican’ senator up for re-election (72 percent of the time during the last Congress).”

“I believe when Alaskans learn that record, many of those undecided voters will move into the Joe Miller column,” he added.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.

Joe Miller

Joe Miller Campaign Releases First Campaign Ad ‘Testimonials’

Fairbanks, Alaska. September 27, 2016 — The campaign of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller released its first radio ad on Monday, which is called “Testimonials.”

The ad features four members of the Alaska Republican Party Central Committee, who left their positions (and in one case was removed) to publicly back Miller’s candidacy for U.S. Senate over incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Others featured include Amy Demboski, the 2015 GOP nominee for Anchorage mayor, who was threatened with removal as district secretary by the vice chairman of the state Republican Party for backing Miller, as well as Russ Millette, who was elected the Alaska Republican Party chairman in 2012.

In the ad, former Anchorage district 25 chairman Dave Bronson states he “was removed for supporting the Constitutional Conservative for United States Senate . . . Joe Miller.”

Others voicing support for Miller are district chairs Shannon Connelly (Palmer), Ron Johnson (Chugiak), and state Central Committee member Mike Widney (Big Lake).

The ad began airing on stations in multiple markets in Alaska on Monday.

“I am very honored that members of the central committee would take the extraordinary step of leaving their positions to back my candidacy,” said Miller. “We have seen a groundswell of support during these last few weeks, which I believe will continue to grow and carry us to victory in November.”

In announcing his candidacy earlier this month, Miller pointed to the near historic low voter turnout in the Republican primary as evidence that Alaskan voters want another choice.

Despite entering the race in September, Miller has already garnered the endorsement of Alaska Right to Life and the support of the Alaska Republican Assembly.

Miller also has the support of the co-chair of Donald Trump’s campaign in Alaska and the former co-chair of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Republican presidential primary campaign.

The Gun Owners of America and conservative talk show host Mark Levin endorsed Miller during the past week.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense

Joe Miller - Lisa Murkowski

Miller: Murkowski Trying To Rig Debate Schedule

Anchorage, Alaska. September 26, 2016 — U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller called out Lisa Murkowski on Monday following the release of her “debate” schedule, saying she is hiding from the people of Alaska and the media.

Murkowski stated that she plans to participate in four debates in the lead up to the election: Oct. 12 – Senate Fisheries Debate, hosted by Kodiak Chamber of Commerce; Oct. 21 – Alaska Federation of Natives’ Candidate Forum in Fairbanks; Oct. 26 – Senate Debate on the Arctic, hosted by Iñuit Arctic Business Alliance (IABA) in Barrow; Nov. 3 – Debate for the State, hosted by Alaska Public Media in Anchorage.

Only one of those debates will be televised statewide, the Public Television debate, which takes place just five days before the election, well after early voting and absentee ballot voting are underway.

“There she goes again, trying to rig the game,” said Miller. “Senator Murkowski’s objective is clear: avoid answering tough questions and deprive Alaskan voters of an informed choice.”

During the general election of 2010, Miller appeared in multiple debates with Murkowski, though her name did not even appear on the ballot, including on the state’s most watched news station, the NBC affiliate KTUU.

KTUU, which garners over 80 percent of the news viewing audience in Alaska, wants to host a debate this time, even offering to pre-record it, but Murkowski apparently stonewalled the station.

It also should be noted the commercial fishing industry, the Alaska Federation of Natives, and the Iñuit Arctic Business Alliance all backed Murkowski strongly in 2010, both directly and indirectly.

“The debate schedule Murkowski is offering is not fair to Alaskan voters, who are trying to make an informed decision about who will best represent their views in the next Congress,” said Miller. “I am calling on Lisa Murkowski to do the right thing and participate in televised, open and fair debates.”

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.

Joe Miller - Lisa Murkowski

Joe Miller: Alaskans Deserve Debates From U.S. Senate Candidates

September 21, 2016 —  U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller stated on Wednesday he is eager to debate Senator Lisa Murkowski, and the other contenders for the seat she currently occupies,  about the issues vital to the future of Alaska and the country.

“Alaskans are not satisfied with the current direction of our state and nation,” said Miller. “They deserve the opportunity to see the candidates for U.S. senate make their case, and regarding Senator Murkowski, justify her votes, in televised events available to the public at large.”

Murkowski is the most liberal “Republican” up for re-election, having voted with President Obama 72 percent of the time during the last session of Congress.

Multiple local news affiliates are seeking to host televised debates. To date, as far as the Miller campaign has been able to determine, Senator Murkowski has failed to commit to most, if not all, of those debates.

“As has been the case in years past, Alaskans deserve debates in a format that allows for the free exchange of ideas, where candidates will be given the opportunity to directly question each other and offer rebuttals, so the event is not merely a series of unchallenged soundbites,” said Miller

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.


Joe Miller Offers Chance to Replace Murkowski With ‘True Reform’ Liberty Advocate

“Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Joe Miller to represent the state of Alaska in the U.S. Senate,” an email from GOA announced Friday. “Joe Miller’s commitment to the right to keep and bear arms is unwavering … Unlike other candidates in this race, Joe Miller returned his GOA Candidate Questionnaire 100% in favor of your gun rights.”

The main “other candidate” to be concerned about is Republican Lisa Murkowski, recipient of a mediocre “C” rating from GOA based on performance in office. That assessment comes from a scorecard for votes and concludes Murkowski only agreed with GOA’s positions 69% of the time.

Among the reasons for Murkowski’s low score: She did not vote on a concealed carry reciprocity bill they supported. She voted for a bill that would “create an incremental path to citizenship for most illegal immigrants in the country.” She voted for an amendment that “would send a person to prison for 15 years for selling a gun to a veteran, without realizing that he was one of the 165,000 military veterans who was put into the NICS system for PTSD.” And she voted for cloture on the nomination of a rabidly anti-gun New York judge to the DC Court of Appeals.

Importantly, and of vital interest to all advocates of the right to keep and bear arms, Murkowski is rated “D” by immigration group Numbers USA, further compounded by failing marks on the all-important categories of “Oppose Amnesty … Limit Unnecessary Worker Visas [and] Reduce Total Immigration.” That’s of vital interest to defending the Second Amendment as evidenced by the Democrat Party’s, the Obama administration’s and the Hillary Clinton campaign’s push for a “pathway to citizenship.”

They know from all credible polls as well as real-world voting patterns — undeniably established in places like California — that adding millions of foreigners to the electorate will result in a Democrat supermajority that will then be able to enact all the “gun laws” Bloomberg and Feinstein want, and more. It will also ensure they can confirm federal judges to the lower courts and the Supreme Court to uphold those laws.

Joe Miller understands this, evidenced by Numbers USA giving him a perfect score and hailing him as a “true reform candidate” when he beat Murkowski in the Republican primary in 2010 (she went on to win through a write-in campaign).

This time around, Miller is running as a Libertarian Party candidate. While some may question how that comports with the national LP’s essentially open borders platform (one that will ensure a “progressive” political takeover via “birthright citizenship”), the Alaska LP requires no such culturally-suicidal commitment. (Read more from “Joe Miller Offers Chance to Replace Murkowski With ‘True Reform’ Liberty Advocate” HERE)

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Top Alaska GOP Officials Resign Rather Than Back Liberal Murkowski Over Libertarian Joe Miller

The Alaska Republican Central Committee voted over the weekend to remove one of its members due to his decision to back newly-minted Libertarian U.S. senate candidate Joe Miller instead of the state’s moderate GOP incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, while other members chose to resign to support the insurgent candidacy.

As reported by Western Journalism, Miller was the 2010 GOP nominee who defeated Murkowski in perhaps the biggest upset in the 2010 federal election cycle, running as “Alaska’s True Conservative Choice.”

Then, as now, Murkowski had the most liberal voting record of any Republican up for re-election. During the last session of Congress, the senator voted with President Obama and the Democrats 72 percent of time, second only to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

As in 2010, incredulously Murkowski branded herself as a conservative (“The Conservative Voice For Alaska”) during this year’s Republican primary in which she faced no challenger with statewide name identification. She easily prevailed in an election with the lowest voter turnout in recent history.

The senator looked like she was on her way to an easy re-election in the red state until last week, when Miller accepted the Alaska Libertarian’s Party’s invitation to replace its candidate, who had chosen to end her bid.

Alaska GOP party chair Tuckerman Babcock knew Miller’s entry into the race was going to draw support from members of his party’s top leadership and called on any who wanted to back Miller to do the “honorable” thing and resign.

Dave Bronson, one of Anchorage’s district chairs, did not believe he should have to step down just because he wanted to support Miller — whose positions align with the state party’s pro-life, pro-family, pro-limited constitutional government platform — instead of getting behind a “Republican” senator whose votes do not.

Rather than resign, he put the issue up for vote at a central committee meeting last Saturday. Speaking before the body, he said “I am standing here before you because I am done with turning a blind eye to a Republican senator from Alaska who rejects our values and then expects our support every six years.”

Bronson, who serves as a board member of the Alaska Family Council, highlighted Murkowski’s claim to support traditional marriage during the 2010 election, then coming out not long afterwards in support of same-sex marriage. He also noted her vote to fund Planned Parenthood, even after the undercover videos revealed the organization was apparently guilty of selling aborted babies’ body parts.

He stated, based on Murkowski’s voting record and decision to run as an independent in 2010 against the Republican Party nominee, he does not doubt she would switch to being Democrat, if she calculated it would keep her in office.

“Disciplining me is the right thing to do,” Bronson conceded though wanting to keep his seat. “I openly supported that candidate for the US Senate who best reflected the principles of the Alaska Republican Party. It just happened to not be Lisa Murkowski.”

Reportedly, Bronson received hearty applause when he concluded his remarks from a significant portion of the audience with many rising to their feet to show their approval. However, the members of the Central Committee present voted 36 to 23 to remove him.”

Four other district chairs and one member of the Rules Committee, to date, chose to resign their positions to openly back Miller, while others reputedly plan to do so privately because they do not want to lose their seats.

Shannon Connelly of Palmer (about 40 miles north of Anchorage), who was vice president of the Mat-Su Valley Republican Women until this weekend and a district chair, is another who decided to step down. She told Alaska Public Radio that, in Miller, she has a candidate, “who is pro-life, which is a major thing for me,” adding, “I thought I can’t just sit back. I have to stand for what I believe in.”

The Alaska Right to Life endorsed Miller two days after he announced his candidacy.

In a release earlier this week, the group shot down the notion that Murkowski is “pro-life” as a campaign spokesman claimed and then was forced to walk back, noting Murkowsk received an 80 percent NARAL Pro-Choice America score in 2014, in contrast to most GOP senators (like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and even John McCain), who received a score of zero.

In an unprecedented move, the Alaska Republican Assembly (which has described itself as the Ronald Reagan wing of the GOP) endorsed Miller this week.

Like Connelly, Ron Johnson, a member of the assembly, chose to resign as a Mat-Su Valley district chair this past weekend to back Miller.

He told Western Journalism, “This allows me to work for a candidate that holds Republican values. I’m a Republican because of the party platform, not because of the party. Many of us are.”

Johnson explained one of the reasons he decided to run for district chair was in response to how the Republican party failed to get behind Miller’s candidacy in 2010 after he defeated Murkowski.

The senator waged a write-in campaign narrowly defeating Miller in a three-way race, 39 to 35 percent, with the Democrat garnering 23 percent of the vote. Between her and her father, a Murkowski has held the seat since 1981. This year’s contest pits four candidates against each other: Murkowski, Miller, a left-leaning independent, and a Democrat.

Amy Demboski, a district secretary in Anchorage, is supporting Miller. She said party Vice Chair Rick Whitbeck threatened to remove her until she pointed out the Alaska GOP rules specifically state that only those who hold district chair positions or above are prohibited from publicly supporting anyone other than the nominee.

“Like many Alaskans, I don’t do well with intimidation and threats,” she said, and the GOP leadership backed off.

Demboski, who is a radio talk show host in the Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley area and was the Republican nominee for mayor of the city last year, affirmed Johnson’s observation that the state party did not appear to back Miller in 2010. Further, it was her sense that then-chairman Randy Ruedrich and others in leadership actively worked against him behind the scenes, while supporting Murkowski.

Demboski could not help but note the irony of the GOP’s loyalty test for Murkowski in 2016 in light of 2010, and pointed out the senator’s co-chair in that race was current Democrat Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott.

“Nobody is talking about and the party is pretending it did not happen,” she said.

Miller enjoys the support of not only Demboski, who is Donald Trump’s co-chair in Alaska, but also Bill Keller of the Kenai Peninsula, who was Sen Ted Cruz’s co-chair (along with Demboski and others) during the Republican presidential primary. Cruz won the primary with 36 percent of the vote to Trump’s 33.5 percent.

Keller said people “have been really grumbling about Murkowski” since the 2010 race. Like other prominent GOP members in the Last Frontier backing Miller, he cites Murkowski’s liberal voting record as the main reason he will not support her.

Alaskans appear in for a spirited contest to see who will represent them in the U.S. senate in January. A district chair, who voted against Bronson’s removal, told Western Journalism that Miller’s entry in the race creates the rematch people have waited six years to see. (For more from the author of “Top Alaska GOP Officials Resign Rather Than Back Liberal Murkowski Over Libertarian Joe Miller” please click HERE)

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Alaska Republican Party Chairman Calls For “Honorable” Conduct, Implies Senator Lisa Murkowski Dishonorable and Selfish

Late last week, Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock sent out a memo to members of the State Central Committee urging those who intend to support Joe Miller for US Senate to resign.

At issue is the following party rule: “No appointed or elected Republican party officers shall promote or be engaged in any activity that promotes the candidacy of any person for partisan political office other than a Republican running on a Republican ticket.”

Babcock made his point no less than four times, stating in clear and unambiguous terms, “the honorable course is to resign your party office.”

At first glance, it all seems straightforward, but when one looks at the facts of the case it becomes more difficult.

Lisa Murkowski lost the 2010 Republican primary to Joe Miller, then proceeded to run against Republican nominee Joe Miller, all the while maintaining her seat on the Republican State Central Committee. She was never disciplined, never censured, and never vacated her seat.

Chairman Babcock went on to suggest that those who don’t voluntarily step down are not only dishonorable, but also selfish.

If this is the case, then apparently the party Chairman is suggesting Lisa Murkowski is both dishonorable and selfish, and to top it all off her record in the United States Senate stands in stark contrast to the Alaska Republican Party platform whose stated mission is “to elect and appoint to public office Alaskans with integrity committed to enacting solutions consistent with these [Republican Party] principles.”

In essence, the Chairman is advocating that an obscure party rule be used to subvert the party’s stated mission in the promotion of a candidate who has systematically disregard party rules and undermined party principles.

So are we to conclude that the Alaska Republican Party Chairman would have party officers exhibit honor by supporting dishonor?

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Frantic Murkowski Spokesman Contradicts Senator, Tells Alaska Press Pro-Abortion Senator “Remains Pro-Life”

Citizens for Joe Miller Press Release
September 13, 2016, Anchorage, Alaska

Senator Lisa Murkowski, who has a long record of support for abortion “rights” and federal funding for Planned Parenthood, is apparently pushing the line that she is, and has been, a pro-life senator. Alaska Dispatch News reported on Monday that the Incumbent Senator’s spokesman said Murkowski “remains pro-life.”

“This is typical Murkowski, but a staggering assertion nonetheless,” said Joe Miller. “It’s a clear indication that the Murkowski campaign is in a panic over the loss of Republican support. But it also poignantly illustrates that Alaskans can’t trust anything she says. It’s all politics all the time. She has no principles.”

Early in her tenure in the US Senate, Murkowski voted for a Sense of the Senate Amendment that affirmed:

“It is the sense of the Senate that – (1) the decision of the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade was appropriate and secures an important constitutional right; and (2) such decision should not be overturned.”

Murkowski has consistently stood in opposition to Ronald Reagan’s “Mexico City Policy,” which bans taxpayer dollars from flowing to foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortion.

The Senator has also been a strong advocate for federal funding of the nation’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

But that’s not all, she has even defended Roe v. Wade on the Alaskan airwaves and accused Republicans of a “War on Women.”

During the last session of Congress, Murkowski received an 80 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, while her Republican colleagues like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and even Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., earned a 0 percent.

There’s a reason Alaska Right to Life declined to endorse Murkowski during her 2004 run against Tony Knowles, and has subsequently backed Joe Miller.

But now that she’s in a tough re-election fight she’s throwing her liberal allies under the bus, and trying to pull the wool over the eyes of pro-life Republicans. It’s not going to work.

Miller concluded, “Lisa Murkowski is a creature of Washington who governs one way and talks another. I think Alaskans are getting wise to the fact that she is playing both sides, but loyal to neither. As we saw in 2010, she’ll do or say anything she thinks will get her the desired political outcome – which is of course re-election.”

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the right to life, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.

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Could Joe Miller Give Constitutional Conservatives a Choice Instead of an Echo in Alaska?

Is there one constitutional conservative actually running in a statewide election, who can excite the grassroots? Thus far, almost every conservative running for Congress has lost, but Joe Miller is about to change the rules of the game by delivering some just desserts to RINO Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska (F, 20%) in Alaska.

Conservatives know they need a new party to represent them on the national scene, but for now it’s important just to elect individuals down ballot in individual states — on any party line that grants them legitimate ballot access. After Lisa Murkowski, the Queen of all RINOs, ran a successful write-in candidacy against the GOP nominee, Joe Miller, in 2010, wouldn’t it be poetic justice for Joe Miller to knock her off in a general election? While the tables are turned this time, and she is technically the GOP nominee, he will actually be on the ballot as a Libertarian, and didn’t lose to her in the primary.

In many respects, Lisa Murkowski is the ultimate Republican-in-name-only, but in another respect she epitomizes what the party has become. A party that stands for nothing but a less enthusiastic expression of the other side’s agenda. Murkowski has a 20% Liberty Score®, making a typical failing grade seem conservative! Here is what we wrote on her official CR Member Profile:

Murkowski is one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress and has moved even further to the left ever since winning re-election outside of the Republican party. Her votes align with liberals on spending, immigration, energy, subsidies, and foreign affairs. She is pro-choice and a member of “Republicans for Choice,” and has publicly stated her support for the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. She is also a supporter of same-sex marriage and has a mixed record on gun rights, even though she hails from a strong hunting state.

Over her Senate career, Murkowski has time and again provided Harry Reid a critical vote to achieve cloture on Democrat priorities. Even on basic Republican values, such as right to work and welfare reform, Murkowski has consistently voted with the Democrats.

Murkowski makes John McCain look conservative. In recent years she has voted to fund Obama’s amnesty, supported every radical Obama judicial and executive nominee, opposed school choice (while claiming to be “pro-choice”), and sided with Democrats on religious liberty to mandate that private companies fund abortifacients.

If this golden calf of supporting “the lesser of two evils” in a general election extends to this individual as well, count me out. As it is, the GOP Senate roster this year includes such luminaries as John McCain, R-Ariz. (F, 34%) Jonny Isakson, R-Ga. (F, 32%) Mark Kirk, R-Ill (F, 17%) Todd Young, R-Ind. (F, 53%) Rob Portman, R-Ohio (F, 49%) Kelly Ayotte, R, N.H. (F, 32%) and the transgender initiative-supporting Richard Burr, R-N.C. (F, 41%). Is there no floor to this failed binary approach, which has gotten us to where we are today? Imagine Democrats tolerating a slate of Senate candidates one year that is full of candidates exclusively in the mold of Zell Miller?

Thankfully, Alaska will actually get a choice, not an echo of the Democrat nominee. The nominee for the Libertarian Party in Alaska, Cean Stevens, stepped aside and the party selected Joe Miller to replace her on the statewide ballot for Senate in November. Unlike in other states, the Alaska Libertarian Party enjoys broad support, and coupled with Joe’s existing name ID, there is a chance for him to win a 4-person race. Democrats and Independents have had enough of Murkowski as well. Some of the more liberal ones will vote for a liberal independent candidate on the ballot, while others will vote for the Democrat nominee. Joe Miller has an excellent chance to pick up the independent-minded ones, along with conservative Republicans.

In a year when conservatives have failed to field a constitutionalist on the general election ballot in almost any state, here is one race where they can actually vote their conscience proudly. Joe is a strong liberty-minded candidate who also deeply cares about sovereignty, national security, religious liberty, a strong civil society, federalism, and has a profound understanding of the threat from civilization jihad. For those of you who are tired of banging your heads against the wall between the false choice of Chambercrats and “Alt-Right” nationalist/populists, we finally have a man on the field.

Miller recognizes that he made some novice campaign mistakes in 2010 when he was under fire from all sides in the general election. He bounced back in 2014, and with no outside help he came within a few points of winning against Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska F, 56%) who has disappointed conservatives on multiple fronts since defeating Democrat Mark Begich for the other Senate seat.

Constitutional conservatives are caught between a rock and a hard place with no political home and are out of options for this election cycle. However, our republic will not rise or fall on your vote for president alone, but whether you acquiesce to this corrupt system or take your own destiny into your hands. This is why we must look at an all-of-the-above approach on issues, strategies, and elections to advance our agenda. In the state of Alaska, that means looking at the Libertarian candidate, who is really a constitutional conservative, against a woman who calls herself a Republican, but is the furthest thing from it. This is a race that should unite both those who are somewhat excited or disappointed about the presidential nominee.

A half century after Phyllis Schlafly rallied for “a choice, not an echo” in American politics, we are stuck with faint echoes who can’t even hold the ground of the echoes of just one generation ago. It’s time we begin striving for better than the low expectation of voting for the evil of two lesser. On a national scale, that will have to wait until next cycle, but in Alaska the opportunity is right in front of us. (For more from the author of “Could Joe Miller Give Constitutional Conservatives a Choice Instead of an Echo in Alaska?” please click HERE)

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Lisa_Murkowski_in_kuspuk (2)

Conservative Joe Miller Challenges Most Liberal GOP Senator up for Re-Election

The rematch for the U.S. Senate seat in Alaska six years in the making is on.

Joe Miller, the 2010 Republican nominee for the position, announced on Tuesday that he will oppose incumbent Lisa Murkowski running as a Libertarian, though pledging to caucus with the Republicans if he prevails in November.

“Alaskans deserve a real choice,” Miller said in a release. “The choice between a Democrat, a Democrat-backed independent, and a Republican-In-Name-Only – who has been one of Barack Obama’s chief enablers – is no choice at all.”

The statement noted that while Murkowski billed herself as “the Conservative Voice for Alaska” during the Republican primary season (a slogan that has since been taken down from her website), the political branding does not match the record.

“Murkowski is the most liberal ‘Republican’ up for re-election having voted with Pres. Obama 72 percent of the time during the last session of Congress, second only to Sen. Susan Collins of Maine,” Miller related.

The candidate also cites an “F” grade on the Conservative Review’s scorecard of votes and a 34 percent lifetime voting record with Heritage Action. The average for Republican senators is currently 58 percent, with conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Mike Lee, R-Utah, earning 97 and 100 percent, respectively.

Miller shocked the political world in 2010 when he pulled off perhaps the greatest upset victory of the entire federal election primary season, defeating Murkowski.

Fairbanks Assemblyman Lance Roberts looks back at what Miller was able to accomplish with a sense of wonder. “It is amazing to me that he did it in a short time, and he had not had a political office before,” he said. “He did a yeoman’s job.”

The former federal magistrate judge and West Point graduate announced just four months before Election Day, with no statewide name recognition and just $100,000 in his campaign coffers, which he put up himself. Murkowski had over $3 million on hand.

Miller garnered the support during the primary of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and many other prominent conservatives.

After her loss in late August, Murkowski went back on her campaign pledge to support the Republican primary winner and announced a write-in bid to hold on to a seat her family has held since the early 1980s.

A raucous campaign followed, which included some missteps by the green Miller and his campaign staff.

Though the tea party favorite and his team appeared to regain their footing by late October, based on polling showing a tight race going into Election Day, Murkowski edged out Miller, 39 to 35 percent, with the Democrat candidate, Scott McAdams, taking 23 percent.

As reported by Western Journalism, there is a strong conservative base within the Last Frontier’s GOP, as evidenced in the presidential primary results earlier this spring. Cruz won the state in a upset, taking 36 percent of the vote, followed by Donald Trump with 33.5 percent, Rubio with 15 percent and Dr. Ben Carson with 11 percent. In other words, non-establishment Republicans accounted for at least 80 percent of the primary vote total in the state.

“People have been really grumbling about Murkowski,” since the 2010 race, said Bill Keller, who was co-chairman of Cruz’s campaign in Alaska.

In 2016, similar dynamics appear to be in play, with now four candidates vying for the seat including Miller, Murkowski, Democrat Ray Metcalfe and left-of-center independent Margaret Stock.

It is very likely the race will come down to Miller and Murkowski, once again. (For more from the author of “Conservative Joe Miller Challenges Most Liberal GOP Senator up for Re-Election” please click HERE)

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