Mead Treadwell Faces Backlash Over His Companies’ Development Of Spying Technology

Photo Credit: Facebook / Mead Treadwell for United States Senate

Photo Credit: Facebook / Mead Treadwell for United States Senate

As the Alaska GOP primary election nears, one of the Republicans vying to replace Democrat Sen. Mark Begich is embroiled in a new scandal regarding his stated aversion of federal spying programs.

Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell has spoken publicly against efforts by the National Security Agency and other federal entities to gather information on Americans through mass surveillance

KDLG reported this week that, despite Treadwell’s rhetoric, two of his companies have benefited greatly from the pursuit of such technologies. Alaska Democratic Party spokesperson Zack Fields noted the apparent inconsistencies between his stated position and the financial motives to support NSA spying.

“Treadwell says the government snoops too much,” Fields said, “but his own company, where he was CEO and on the board of directors, got an earmark for spy technology.”

KDLG reported that the company in question is Venture Ad Astra, which produces “remote sensing and location-based technology.”

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Open Letter to U.S. Senate Candidate Mead Treadwell

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP

Dear Mead Treadwell,

We write you this letter as a follow up to our candidate interview with you regarding your interest in the endorsement from Alaska Right to Life Political Action Committee. We would like to thank you for your various contributions to the pro-life cause and your stated passion for protecting the pre-born.

We would like to be able to offer you the endorsement as an example of our new “standard bearer” endorsement policy. This policy change would enable every candidate of good character to receive our endorsement, provided they sign our pro-life affirmation and do not have a record that would be in conflict with the principles stated therein.

We appreciate that you indeed did sign our pro-life affirmation and that you are willing to address this difficult topic publicly. However, there are some concerns regarding your record that we must address in order to be true to our convictions and principles.

We have discovered over 30 times that you have contributed financially to the campaigns of pro-abortion (pro-choice) candidates. Granted, you may not have known at the time that all of the candidates you contributed to were pro-abortion. However, we do not believe that one gives financially to candidates without first vetting the candidates on the issues that are important to them. Our conclusion then must be that the life issue is not important to you.

During our interview you acknowledged that abortion is genocide. It is inconsistent to oppose the atrocity of genocide being carried out on the most vulnerable members of our society while simultaneously financing the very proponents of the killing (our research uncovered 3 monetary contributions you made to the political campaigns of Matt Claman, pro-abortion candidate and former board member of Planned Parenthood).

During your tenure as Lt. Governor you denied certification of the Natural Right to Life initiative by following the faulty advice from the office of the Attorney General. While one can sympathize with the difficult circumstances you found yourself in, we nonetheless believe that this was an issue that transcends worldly case law and was worthy to be made into a public dialogue.

Your behavior would lead us to believe that the statement you made to us during your 2010 campaign still rings true today that the life issue is “not number one” to you. We need a Senator in Washington who makes this issue non-negotiable and is not willing to compromise that position.

We also need a Senator who will work with us to replace pro-abortion Senator Lisa Murkowski when she comes up for re-election in 2016. Reports from the Federal Election Commission and Alaska Public Offices Commission record 16 contributions you have made to Lisa Murkowski’s campaigns for public office. Because of your commitment to financing Sen. Murkowski’s political career, including your investment into her 2016 campaign fund, we do not see you as the man who will do the hard thing of supporting a replacement of Sen. Murkowski. Regarding the 2010 election you also said: “I voted for Lisa in the primary and in the general, and I think Alaskans made the right decision”. Mead, how can a Senator who strongly supports the continued killing of innocent pre-born children be the “right decision”? Unless of course the lives of the innocent pre-born are of little to no importance.

We do not view (as we would hope) the above concerns as past mistakes but as an ongoing problem. When we asked for clarification on the issue of your financial contributions, you were quick to defend yourself instead of acknowledging your wrongdoing.

Because of these issues it is clear that your words are inconsistent with your actions. Scripture says that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8) and that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” (Matt. 12:25). Alaska’s next US Senator will come under immense pressure. It is necessary to have someone with the strength of conviction and fortitude to put principle above political relationships.

It remains to us then to regretfully inform you that Alaska Right to Life PAC will not be endorsing your run for US Senate.


Christopher Kurka

Executive Director

Alaska Right to Life

Miller Wins Final Debate: Record 9-0

Photo Credit: People's Pundit Daily

Photo Credit: People’s Pundit Daily

Joe Miller demonstrated again tonight why he is the best candidate to defeat Mark Begich, outshining his GOP rivals on the debate stage. He also stated in the final head-to-head matchup before Tuesday’s election, although he expects to win the Republican nomination, he will support whomever the nominee is in the cause of beating Mark Begich.

Miller, responding to a question put to all three candidates about supporting the winner, turned to Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell and said, “We must do everything we can to make sure Mark Begich is defeated. I believe I’m going to be the primary winner with the voters’ and God’s help. But if one of you two guys, I have never said this before, I will support you guys. I will. We’ve got to get rid of Begich, there is no question about it.”

Miller’s gesture of unanimity in the cause of defeating Begich to both his rivals came despite Mead Treadwell accusing Miller earlier in the debate of putting out a racist campaign piece regarding his opposition to amnesty. Miller found the charge preposterous pointing out he has no racial ill-will against illegal aliens, but believes our laws must be enforced. He pointed out his son-in-law, father of his first grandchild, is a Mexican national, while his siblings are married to immigrants from India and Indonesia. His daughter is a missionary in Mexico. Miller said, “Lawful immigration, great. We are a nation of diversity. ”

An important area of difference between the candidates centered on Rand Paul’s Life at Conception Act. While both Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan stated they support the right to life, neither was willing to offer support for Paul’s bill defining life (with legal protection) beginning at conception. Treadwell spoke of supporting legislation “that helps reduce the number of abortions,” while Sullivan said we should support legislation that “makes the number of abortions less.” Sullivan added that Paul’s statute seems to “try to change the Constitution.” Miller responded, “Unequivocally yes…The Life at Conception Act establishes something I believe is foundational. If we as a country decide we are not going to defend the most defenseless. If we decide the most defenseless lives can be taken. What other rights can government take?” Miller pointed out he is the only candidate endorsed by Alaska Right to Life.

“Joe had another great debate,” said spokesman Randy DeSoto. “He is rising in the recent polls and picking up a string of endorsements in the days leading up to Tuesday’s election including from the Alaska Veterans Party, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the Anchorage Tea Party (“ATP”) just announced its endorsement. The group stated though ‘all three Republican candidates are saying things we want to hear, ATP believes that Joe Miller is the only one who can be trusted to take action consistent with his promises.’ With the support grassroots Alaskans, we believe Joe will be the candidate chosen to take on and defeat Mark Begich.”

Treadwell, Sullivan Silent on Pledge to End Foreign Aid for Countries that Encourage Illegal Immigration to the United States

Memorial Day 13Today, Joe Miller sounded off about both his opponents’ rejection to make a pledge relating to the illegal immigration crisis.

Miller volunteers delivered the pledge on Wednesday night, but neither Mead Treadwell, nor Dan Sullivan has yet responded. The pledge called for an end to foreign aid for countries that encourage their citizens to immigrate to the United States in violation of our laws.

“I think this is a common sense step that we should be able to agree on,” said Miller. “I’m baffled that this is a hard decision for my opponents. Any country that is receiving foreign aid from the United States should, at the very least, return that good faith with basic respect for our laws and institutions.”

Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan previously rejected pledges to oppose amnesty and end federal benefits for illegal aliens.

Miller Highlights Treadwell's Election Year Changing Views

safe_image (2)Joe Miller drew contrast with fellow U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell during the last statewide, televised debate before the Republican Primary Election on Tuesday. A third candidate, Dan Sullivan, declined to attend the Alaska Public Media sponsored event.

Miller is the only U.S. Senate candidate to call for Barack Obama’s impeachment. He was questioned concerning what he saw as impeachable offenses. “I think any time you have a president who stands before the nation, as he did in the State of the Union and says, ‘That if Congress does not act, I will'” that is a clear sign of abuse of power by the President. Miller also pointed out the Chief Executive threatened the same regarding amnesty. Miller further noted Obama’s numerous changes to the Obamacare law without congressional authorization, and his refusal to enforce duly enacted laws of Congress, such as the Defense of Marriage Act. The President puts himself “above the rule of law, above the Constitution, and that is impeachable,” said Miller.

Treadwell acknowledged that the President is acting in a lawless fashion regarding Obamacare, but was not willing to say he would support impeachment. Sullivan, in a previous debate, declined to support impeachment at this time.

Miller also drew contrast in the areas of climate change and the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty (“LOST”). Both Treadwell and Sullivan have spoken in support of government action to address global warming in the past, and both have backed ratification of LOST. Miller has consistently opposed the climate change agenda (given the current inconclusiveness of the science) and adoption of LOST. Treadwell stated tonight he no longer supports government action in the area of climate change that involves new taxes, and no longer supports LOST with regards to its taxing and regulating authority.

“It has been fascinating to watch Mead Treadwell’s election year transformation, from being for the climate change agenda, to being against it; from being for the Law of the Sea Treaty, to opposing ratification; from supporting moderate and even liberal politicians, to claiming to be a bastion of conservatism,” said Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto. “Beware of Establishment Republicans’ election year policy changes. Joe Miller is the only consistent conservative in this race, whose views are based on time-tested principles, not changing political winds.”

Two Alaska GOP Senate Candidates Refuse to Sign Anti-Amnesty Pledge

Photo Credit: Reuters

Photo Credit: Reuters

Two Republican Senate candidates in Alaska refused to sign an anti-amnesty pledge during a Sunday debate.

Conservative candidate Joe Miller asked his two opponents to sign a pledge that reads, “I will oppose any attempt by Congress or the President to grant amnesty (any pathway to citizenship) for illegal aliens.”

Former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan, who is supported by Karl Rove and other pro-amnesty Republicans, and Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell, who has said he supported a pathway to citizenship, refused to sign it…

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Alaska GOP Candidates Clash on Immigration

Memorial Day 13Thousands of miles from the U.S-Mexico border, three Republicans vying for their party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Alaska clashed on immigration Sunday night in a televised debate ahead of the Aug. 19 primary.

Both former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan and Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell refused to sign a pledge offered by tea party favorite Joe Miller to oppose all efforts at “amnesty” for people here illegally if elected to the U.S. Senate, with Treadwell chastising Miller for sending out a mailer on immigration featuring menacing Hispanic gang members. Miller, in turn, noted that several of Sullivan’s backers, like GOP strategist Karl Rove, favor allowing many of the 11 million immigrants in the country to eventually become citizens.

“It’s because it’s the truth,” Miller said when challenged about the pictures on the flier. “This is real-world stuff.”

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Miller Wins the KTVA/Alaska Dispatch Debate (+video)

10513419_859097640768782_7393880810506220822_n (1)Joe Miller showed once again why he is the best candidate to make the case against Mark Begich this fall.

Miller made clear he is ready to join Senators Cruz and Lee in challenging the status quo. On a question of whether he would support freezing new federal government regulations he said, “Of course I would. The question is whether we are going to have people of mettle willing to do that…We must seize the opportunity we have to join with senators like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to actually reign in the federal government.”

Miller highlighted his stance against amnesty by bringing a copy of a pledge he asked both of his Republican opponents to sign last Friday. The pledge simply reads, “I will oppose any attempt by Congress or the President to grant amnesty (any pathway to citizenship) for illegal aliens.”

Miller handed a copy to Dan Sullivan, who has said he does not support amnesty, but refused to sign the pledge. Miller pointed out that Sullivan is backed by major proponents of amnesty, including Karl Rove’s Crossroads, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Mead Treadwell refused to sign it last week; he supports a pathway to citizenship.

During the debate, Miller told the audience to be wary of campaign rhetoric when evaluating how each candidate would likely vote as their next senator. He referenced a candidate comparison put together by his campaign with footnoted references. Regarding Treadwell he said, “Mead you have pretty much adopted every theme from my 2010 campaign. Your rhetoric certainly has not matched your past action. In fact, I am surprised today you haven’t shown up with a beard.”

U.S. News and World Report columnist David Cantanese tweeted, “@JoeWMiller is still pretty damn smooth in a debate.” We agree.

WATCH: Miller Challenges Opponents to Sign No-Amnesty Pledge

Today Joe Miller issued a challenge to his primary opponents to sign a no-amnesty pledge, blocking a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

“My opponents have been unwilling to make a commitment on this crucial issue,” said Miller. “Ultimately, it goes beyond whether or not the folks crossing the border are rewarded for their illegal behavior. It is a matter of national integrity, security, the rule of law, and whether we have the will to survive as a sovereign nation.”

A signed copy of the pledge was delivered to the Anchorage headquarters of Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell this afternoon. Miller is calling on Sullivan and Treadwell to put America first and protect American workers.

Miller concluded, “It’s time to move beyond political posturing and special favors for special interests. This is an opportunity for Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell to show Alaskans that they’re listening. I hope they’ll stand up to the Democrat political machine and big corporate interests who are acting against the interests of the people.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father, grandfather, combat veteran, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets and the sanctity of human life.

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Treadwell Campaign Caught Stealing Alaskan Artist’s Work

Alaskan artist Victoria Schultz sent a “Cease and Desist” letter through her attorney to the Mead Treadwell campaign today, after it was caught infringing on her copyrighted material. Ms. Schultz drew a political cartoon, which appeared in the Frontiersman newspaper earlier this week, depicting the election year transformation of candidate Treadwell. The cartoon clearly has her copyright notice and name included; however, the Treadwell campaign took the image, altered it and portrayed it as their own.


Ms. Schultz captured Treadwell’s actions, which indicate he has been far less conservative than his election year rhetoric. He is on record favoring amnesty for illegal aliens. He does not support the impeachment of Barack Obama, despite the President’s blatant violations of the Constitution and abuse of executive authority.

The Lieutenant Governor is a proponent of man-made global warming and the UN Law of the Sea Treaty, which gives that body the authority to directly tax and regulate American citizens for the first time ever. Treadwell also blocked a pro-life initiative from the ballot and contributed over thirty times to pro-abortion candidates.


After being contacted by Ms. Schultz’s attorney, the Treadwell campaign took down her property from their campaign site.

Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto said, “I am not surprised by the Treadwell campaign’s actions. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lieutenant Governor tries to grow a beard before this thing is over. Treadwell can try to sound like Joe Miller, even look like him, but as Alaskans learn his record, they are realizing he is no Joe Miller. Joe is the only true conservative running for U.S. Senate in the Last Frontier. That is a fact that the Treadwell campaign will not be able to steal.”