As Turkey Attack Unfolds, Cruz Faults Obama for How He Talks About Terrorism

As Sen. Ted Cruz convened a hearing intended as a platform to criticize how President Barack Obama talks about Islamist extremism, news broke of suicide bombers attacking an airport in the capital of America’s NATO ally, Turkey.

While families of the 41 people murdered in Turkey mourned, and world leaders and politicians expressed condolences, there was also a rush to try to define the event, which bore the hallmarks of an operation carried out by the Islamic State terrorist group.

With the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, expanding its influence outside the territory it controls in Syria and Iraq, and inspiring attacks throughout the world, the debate over how to talk about terrorism has become more complex and intense.

To the Obama administration, the Cruz-led hearing in Washington was an example of what it views as a counterproductive focus on semantics that distracts from the mission of defeating terrorism.

But for Cruz, R-Texas, among other critics, the administration’s policy of not using the term “radical Islamic terrorism” underemphasizes the seriousness of the threat and showcases a weak counterterrorism strategy that isn’t stopping massacres like the one in Turkey.

“We cannot combat and defeat radical Islamic terrorism without acknowledging it exists and directing our resources to stopping it,” Cruz said at his Senate Judiciary oversight subcommittee hearing Tuesday.

“And an Orwellian doublethink that seeks to excerpt any reference to it, as the administration did to the president of France, or erase pledges of allegiance to ISIS, as the administration did with the Orlando terrorist, is counterproductive to keeping this country safe.”

Cruz was referring to the FBI’s original decision to issue a transcript of a 911 call from the Orlando nightclub attacker, Omar Mateen, that removed references to ISIS and the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Texas Republican also referenced how the Obama administration handled its communication of remarks by French President Francois Hollande after the Paris terrorist attacks in November.

Though the FBI reversed itself in the Orlando case, and eventually released a complete transcript that included Mateen’s mentions of ISIS, Cruz accuses the Obama administration of making a deliberate effort to “purge” law enforcement and intelligence material to remove references to Islamist terrorism.

Cruz has made the point repeatedly for more than a year. What he views as an overt attempt at political correctness, however, the administration considers to be smart policy intended to not overgeneralize the ISIS threat and legitimize the terrorist group’s extreme interpretation of Islam.

“What exactly would using this label accomplish? What exactly would it change?” Obama said shortly after the Orlando attack. “Would it make ISIL less committed to trying to kill Americans? Would it bring in more allies? Is there a military strategy that is served by this? The answer, is none of the above. Calling a threat by a different name does not make it go away. This is a political distraction.”

Two top Justice Department counterterrorism officials declined invitations to Cruz’s hearing, so Democrats such as Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware were left to speak for them.

“I utterly reject the notion that there is some sort of political correctness preventing us from fighting our enemies,” Coons said.

He noted that the U.S.-led military campaign against ISIS has included more than 13,000 airstrikes and resulted in the recapture of more than half the terrorist group’s territory in Iraq, and nearly a quarter of it in Syria.

“The president has condemned the threat of ISIS and taken decisive action,” Coons said, adding:

We can and must defeat terrorism without sacrificing our constitutional principles. [To] blame over a billion Muslims for the twisted actions of an extremist few only serves to divide Americans, alienate the Muslim world, and legitimize the murderous groups who falsely claim to speak for Islam. This makes us less safe.

Muslim Americans who spoke at Cruz’s hearing were split on how to talk about the Islamist terrorist threat.

Zuhdi Jasser, president of the Arizona-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy, argues his fellow moderate Muslims need to actively define what their faith stands for.

“I would tell you as a Muslim, we demonize Muslims by letting Islamists speak for the religion,” Jasser said:

It is foolhardy to refuse to acknowledge the role of political Islam. A national security policy of refusing to say Islam has a problem is dangerous. Treat us [Muslims] with tough love, hold us accountable, and bigotry will melt away because [critics] will see us as essential in this fight.

Farhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates in Oakland, California, countered that the process of radicalization in the age of ISIS is nuanced. She pointed out that the profiles of recent terrorists do not fit a neat category.

“We don’t believe there is somehow a pathway to radicalization,” said Khera, who is Muslim, adding:

We know extremist violence takes many forms, and national security experts say the common threat is vulnerable individuals seeking a sense of purpose. There are some people where ideology is a part of it, but it is not the causation for what causes people to engage in terrorism.

(For more from the author of “As Turkey Attack Unfolds, Cruz Faults Obama for How He Talks About Terrorism” please click HERE)

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Op-Ed: Obama Knows Iran Will Use Its Nukes on Israel

At first, Obama said we couldn’t talk about his Iranian Nuke Deal unless it was finalized. Then, Obama said we couldn’t talk about his Iranian Nuke Deal unless we read it all – and simply didn’t disclose all of his side-deals. Now, he says Mike Huckabee’s comparison of shipping the Jews of Israel to the new ovens of the Iranian Auschwitz-Nuke is “ridiculous.”

Perhaps Obama wants to wait until Iran nukes Israel for it to be politically correct to call Iran’s wiping Israel off the map a “Holocaust.” But, make no mistake, Obama knows full well that Iran intends to wipe Israel off the map with its Obama-blessed Nukes.

Come on, does anyone (except the American left-wing cool-aid drinking Jews) really believe that Iran will abide by their “voluntary” protocols under the Vienna announcement? Of course not! Are Obama or any of the European Union leaders so rank stupid and naïve that they think Iran won’t build a bomb just like North Korea? Does anyone not know that one of Iran’s first targets will be to annihilate Israel?

Of course Obama knows Iran will seek to annihilate Israel, so that must be what Obama wants. (Read more from “Op-Ed: Obama Knows Iran Will Use Its Nukes on Israel” HERE)

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Surprise: Obama Attorney General Nominee Supports Partial-Birth Abortions

Photo Credit: Life News President Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch faced a hearing today in the Senate Judiciary Committee. During the hearing, she admitted that she supported partial-birth abortions.

Lynch is the nominee to replace pro-abortion Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder, who is pro-abortion and who used his post in the Obama administration to target pro-life people, announced in September he would step down from his position when a replacement has been confirmed.

During her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lynch admitted to pro-life Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina that she once signed onto a brief the Planned Parenthood abortion business submitted in its legal battle to overturn the Congressional ban on partial-birth abortions. The Supreme Court eventually sided against Planned Parenthood and upheld the ban on the gruesome abortion procedure.

Lynch signed on to an amicus brief in the Partial Birth Abortion case before the Supreme Court where she served as an amici in favor of Planned Parenthood. She argued that the ban against the killing of partially born children was “unconstitutionally vague and threatens the integrity of the criminal justice system.”

On April 18, 2007, the Supreme Court announced its opinion in Gonzales v. Carhart, holding that the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act was constitutional. The ban has stopped as many as 15,000 such abortions. (Read more about the support of partial-birth abortions HERE)

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As New Video Emerges of Brutal Attacks, Obama Doubles-Down in Refusing to Describe Paris Attacks as ‘Islamic Terrorism’

Photo Credit: Breitbart By Charlie Spiering. Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended President Obama and White House officials for refusing to describe the terrorist attacks in Paris as a consequence of radical Islamic terrorism.

Earnest explained to White House reporters during the press briefing that this is a question of “accuracy.”

“We want to describe exactly what happened. These are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism, and they later tried to justify that act of terrorism by invoking the religion of Islam in their own deviant view of it,” he said.

Critics of Obama have questioned his refusal to identify the terrorist actions as an act of radical Islamic terrorism. (Read more from this story HERE)


New Footage of the Paris Attack


Additional Footage of the Paris Attack Shows Terrorists Brutally Murdering Police Officer



Surviving Staff of Charlie Hebdo Publishes Defiant Issue TODAY

By Fran Blandy. The surviving staff of Charlie Hebdo will publish a defiant issue with a Prophet Mohammed cartoon on the cover Wednesday, a week after jihadist gunmen killed 12 people at the satirical weekly’s Paris office.

France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday declared a “war against terrorism” and, amid a national outpouring of emotion, a packed parliament sang a stirring rendition of the national “Marseillaise” anthem, a first since the end of World War I.

The special sitting came after President Francois Hollande led a solemn ceremony paying tribute to three police officers killed in France’s bloodiest week in decades, while four Jews who were shot dead in one of the attacks in Paris were laid to rest in Israel.

“Our great and beautiful France will never break, will never yield, never bend” in the face of the Islamist threat that is “still there, inside and outside” the country, Hollande told weeping families and uniformed colleagues at the ceremony. (Read more from this story HERE)

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GOP-Controlled Senate May Reject House Bill Defunding Obama’s Amnesty

By David Lawder. U.S. Senate Republicans on Tuesday said it was unclear if they could pass a Department of Homeland Security funding bill that blocks President Barack Obama’s immigration initiatives, raising an early stumbling block for the new Republican Congress.

Senate Republicans acknowledged that the measure, expected to win approval in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, may not get the 60 Senate votes needed to clear procedural hurdles erected by Democrats.

Republicans have a 54-46 Senate majority and would need to persuade some Democrats to vote against Obama’s executive action to lift the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants. The House measure is expected to ban money from being used to implement the order.

“If we can’t pass the House bill we’d have to come up with an idea of what could pass the Senate,” said John Cornyn of Texas, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican. (Read more about the GOP-controlled senate decision HERE)


Obama’s Immigration Actions Raising Concerns

By Kelley Beaucar Vlahos. Nearly two months after President Obama announced his immigration executive actions, questions remain over whether the Department of Homeland Security can be ready to process millions of additional immigrants through an already-burdened system.

DHS is on a hiring spree as it sets an ambitious schedule – outlined in a recent memo from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the DHS agency in charge of processing the requests — for accepting new applicants.

The agency plans to begin accepting applications in late February under an expanded program for those who came to the U.S. illegally as children (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA). And the agency is looking to May to implement the biggest, and most controversial, plank of Obama’s plan – effectively legalizing potentially millions of parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents.

But the colossal effort, on a tight timetable, perhaps inevitably has some questioning whether they can pull it off. (Read more about the concerns on Obama’s immigration actions HERE)

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Obama Hopes ‘Climate of Fear’ Will Boost Cyber Security Push

President Obama is banking that a spate of high-profile hacks at major American companies will help his new cybersecurity standards succeed where others failed.

The president called Monday for separate bills that would require companies to notify customers within 30 days if their personal information had been compromised and prohibit the selling of student data to third parties for non-education purposes.

But for Obama to leverage the panic over data breaches at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Target and Home Depot, he’ll have to navigate between governmental and business bureaucracies and find a solution amenable to both sides.

As the president laid out his recommendations, the extent of the cyber problem was made even clearer, when hackers tied to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took over the U.S. Central Command Twitter feed.

The broader challenge for the White House now is determining how to address concerns among private companies about the extent of information they would have to turn over to the federal government in warding off cyber attacks. And government agencies already under fire for cyber snooping would also have to consent to sharing a greater level of data with private businesses, a development that makes some in the intelligence community uneasy. (Read more about Obama’s cyber security push HERE)

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Obama May Get Congress to Cooperate After All, When They Vote to Override His Keystone XL Veto

Photo Credit: TownHallSenator John Hoeven (R-ND) told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday that only 4 more votes are needed in order to override the veto on the Keystone XL pipeline that the Obama administration has promised.

He said this about the current vote count and what they’re doing about it:

“Right now we’ve got about 63, but we’re going to the floor with an open amendment process trying to foster more bipartisanship, getting the Senate to work the way it’s supposed to work so that we can pass this measure and other measures and either override the veto or attach the bill to other legislation either that will get 67 votes.”

Obviously, there is no question that it will pass, just as it did in the House — with 28 Democrat votes in support of the measure — on Friday.

Joe Manchin (D-WV) is a the co-sponsor of the bill and would be the frontman on any Democrat-corraling efforts. New Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that it’s passage will be the first order of business for the Senate. (Read more from this story HERE)

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Obama, Top US Officials Fail to Attend Unity March Against Islamic Extremism

Photo Credit: Fox News By Fox News. Attorney General Eric Holder is in Paris to attend a meeting on fighting terrorism, but did not participate in a march with world leaders Sunday to honor the 17 people killed last week in France.

More than 40 world leaders marched arm in arm through Paris to rally for unity and freedom of expression and to honor the victims of the three days of terrorist attacks.

The leaders headed a demonstration of at least tens of thousands of people who converged on the capital after three gunmen last week attacked a newspaper office, kosher supermarket and police.

Among the world leaders attending the event, under extremely tight security, are French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Holder is the top Obama administration official to attend the terrorism meeting. Secretary of State Kerry is in India attending an international investment conference and push to trade ties with the giant South Asian nation ahead of visit by President Obama later this month. (Read more about the top US official failing to attend HERE)


Obama Fails to Attend Unity March as Well

By Newsmax. As many as 1.6 million people marched through Paris on Sunday in a massive show of unity and defiance in the face of terrorism that killed 17 people in France’s bleakest moment in half a century.

The march ended without major incident by 9 p.m. Sunday, Paris police said.

Their arms linked, more than 40 world leaders headed the somber procession, setting aside their differences for a manifestation that French President Francois Hollande said turned the city into “the capital of the world” . . .

Notable for his absence was President Barack Obama. (Read more from this story HERE)

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Critics Say Obama’s Math Doesn’t Add Up on Free Tuition

Photo Credit: Pete SouzaBy Brian Hughes. President Obama’s plan to provide free tuition to community college students has landed with a thud among number crunchers, who argue that overburdened states cannot afford to fund the White House idea.

As a political strategy, “free tuition” is as appealing a message as Obama could devise heading into his final two years in office. But when pressed on funding the measure, it gets messier for the White House.

Even if Obama had the backing of Republicans to spend $60 billion in federal funds on the education program — he doesn’t — the White House still would have a money problem.

States would be on the hook for $20 billion over the next decade to send students to community college, even at a time when statehouses are funding a shrinking share of their higher education programs.

“I don’t know how states would pay for this,” said Neal McCluskey, associate director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom. “The assumption is states are willing to shell out more money if they can get additional federal dollars. But they’ll either have to raise taxes or slash spending somewhere else.” (Read more about how the free tuition won’t work HERE)


Deciphering Obama’s Chemistry with Congress, or Lack of it

By Associated Press. He hardly ever calls. When he does, it’s all business.

And that’s President Barack Obama’s vibe with top Democrats on Capitol Hill.

With Republicans, there’s even less chemistry.

But GOP congressional leaders don’t show much inclination to buddy up to the president, either.

When the president sits down with eight top legislators — four from each party — at the White House on Tuesday, there’s little expectation it will usher in a new era of comity and cooperation. (Read more from this story HERE)

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UPDATE: French Police Kill Paris Massacre Suspects (+video)

By Fox News. Near-simultaneous raids by French police Friday evening at locations 25 miles apart took out the Islamist brothers behind Wednesday’s massacre at a Paris satirical magazine and a cop-killing crony who had seized hostages at a Paris grocery on their behalf, but also left at least four hostages dead, according to authorities and reports from the scene.

The lightning-quick strikes ended two tense, hours-long standoffs, one at a printing plant north of the city and the other at a kosher supermarket on Paris’ east side, where four hostages were killed, as many as 15 were freed. A hostage held north of the city by the brothers, who killed 12 in a commando-style attack at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, was reportedly freed. The fast-moving developments, signaled by explosions and gunfire at a printing plant in Dammartin-en-Goele, followed by similar sounds at Hypercacher (Hyper Kosher), a Jewish supermarket in eastern Paris, brought to a climax a three-day terror ordeal and manhunt involving nearly 90,000 police and military personnel.

Cherif and Said Kouachi, the radicalized French-born slackers whose attack on Charlie Hebdo left two police officers among the dozen dead, were both killed in the first raid. The brothers, 32 and 34, respectively, are believed to have ties to Al Qaeda in Yemen, and military experts who viewed footage of their bloody, late-morning raid on Wednesday said they appeared to be well-trained terrorists. Charlie Hebdo had long angered Muslim radicals with its penchant for publishing cartoon images of Prophet Muhammed.

In Paris, police said Amedy Coulibaly, who is believed to have know the brothers and was suspected of killing Paris Police Officer Clarissa Jean-Philippe Thursday, as she attended to a routine traffic accident in the city, was killed in a raid moments later, ending his supermarket siege. Police had identified him and his longtime girlfriend, Hayat Boumeddiene, as suspects in the police killing, but her whereabouts were not immediately known. Police were searching for another possible suspect who may have escaped the grovery store siege, but it was not clear if that person was Boumeddiene. (Read more about the Paris massacre suspects HERE)

Excellent Video Synopsis of How the Islamic Jihadists Were Taken Out


Obama on France Attacks: ‘We’re Hopeful That the Immediate Threat Is Resolved’

By Fred Lucas. President Barack Obama said he hopes the immediate threat in Paris is over, while cautioning that the situation is still shifting.

Speaking after French police undertook twin operations to break sieges where the gunmen in the Charlie Hebdo massacre were holed up and where hostages were being held in a kosher supermarket, Obama said the U.S. and France are united in their values, calling France “our oldest ally.”

“We’re hopeful that the immediate threat is resolved,” Obama said. “The French government continues to face terrorism and has remained vigilant.” (Read more from this story HERE)

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