Pelosi: Part Time Jobs Are Liberating, Now Go Pursue Your Passion – Broke and Hungry (+video)

pelosi_spendingAs America runs headlong towards joining the ranks of the banana republics of the world, it’s nice to see that our leadership is embracing a third world work ethic for all Americans. In an interview this past Sunday, one of our nation’s greatest arguments for term limits was on TV, babbling almost incoherently and defying us to try to follow her contorted logic.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is fresh back from schmoozing with the world’s financial elite at the wedding of George Soros, the currency killer. Naturally, she’s chocked full of empathy for people trying to make ends meet and facing the reality of part time “obamajobs” being the only employment out there as a result of the impending doom that is obamacare.

But, according to Nancy, that is a good thing. She looks at work as if it is a burden that she and her other deranged know-nothings in the Democrat party are rescuing us from. Now, since we no longer have the option of working forty hours a week, we have all kinds of free time to spend pursuing happiness.

Not the happiness that comes with being able to provide for your family or enjoy dining out or a movie, those non-essential life-enhancing things, no, she’s talking about the happiness that comes with sitting around doing nothing, you know, Democrat happiness.

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Pelosi Urges Obama to Sidestep Congress, Use 14th Amendment to Raise Debt Ceiling (+video)

(Daily Caller) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi shared her own idea Sunday on how to avoid a government shutdown should the Republican House and President Barack Obama find themselves unable to reach an agreement on raising the debt ceiling: invoke the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Pelosi started the discussion on CBS’ “Face the Nation” by saying she didn’t believe raising the debt ceiling should be tied to spending cuts.

“I don’t think these two things should be related,” Pelosi said.

“I think that we should subject every dollar we spend, every taxpayer dollar, whether it’s defense or domestic, to the harshest scrutiny. Is the taxpayer getting his or her dollar’s worth for that spending? But on the other hand, that is a judgment that we have to make as we make cuts to reduce spending — but having nothing to do with whether the full faith and credit of the United States of America should be placed in jeopardy” . . .

Pelosi’s solution to the impasse is for the president to — as some scholars have proposed — bypass Congress and invoke the 14th Amendment, which states that “[t]he validity of the public debt … shall not be questioned.”

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Democrats’ Drive to Retake House Falters

Nancy Pelosi has spent much of the past two years proclaiming that Democrats had a great shot at reclaiming the House and returning the speaker’s gavel to her hands.

But her drive to regain the majority for Democrats is on the verge of a complete collapse. Democrats are expected to pick up five seats at best — a fraction of the 25 they need. On the eve of the election, some party officials are privately worried that Democrats might even lose ground and drop one or two seats to the Republican majority.

It would mark an epic failure for a party that has a legitimate shot at keeping the presidency and the Senate on Tuesday. The inability of House Democrats to pick off a good number of seats from one of the most unpopular House majorities in modern history will cause a lot of soul-searching in the party come Wednesday.

So Democrats are already doing their postmortems on a House election cycle gone awry. What they’ll find in the political autopsy is Republican dominance in redistricting that created a GOP friendly map, a Medicare argument that didn’t totally pan out and an incumbent president who just wasn’t as popular as when he ran four years ago. They’ll also have to come to terms with the fact that they still can’t overcome the Republican advantage in campaign spending.

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Nancy Pelosi’s New Catholic Archbishop: US may be moving toward despotism

Photo credit: Leader Nancy Pelosi

Recent government attacks on religious liberty have made him fear the United States might be headed toward “despotism,” the newly appointed archbishop of San Francisco—a city represented by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi—warned in a recent speech.

“When I saw what was happening and my eyes were opened, it made me fear that we could be starting to move in the direction of license and despotism,” the Most Reverend Salvatore J. Cordileone said at a May 24 conference on religious liberty at the Ethics in Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

In the same speech, Cordileone also said church leaders “cannot get political in the sense of being partisan,” while noting that protecting religious liberty was not a political issue but an issue of “first principles.”

Cordileone, who holds a doctorate in canon law, currently serves as bishop of Oakland, Calif., and chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee on the Defense and Promotion of Marriage. He has been a leading spokesman for Catholic teachings on marriage and sexual morality and an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Pope Benedict XVI appointed Cordileone archbishop of San Francisco on Friday. Cordileone will formally take up that position on Oct. 4, the feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of San Francisco.

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Video: Pelosi makes another insane comment, this time about Jews & the GOP

In perhaps one of her most inane comments since “you’ve got to pass the bill to know what’s in it,” Pelosi makes an incredibly convoluted and illogical argument that the GOP is criticizing Obama on Israel only to “exploit” the Jewish vote for cutting taxes.


If you couldn’t follow it in the video, here’s the transcript:

HUNT: Do you think he’ll do as well with the Jewish vote this time as he did last time?

PELOSI: The election will tell us that.

HUNT: What do you think?

PELOSI: But I – I think that he will. I think that he will, because the fact is when the facts get out. You know, as many of the Republicans are using Israel as an excuse, what they really want are tax cuts for the wealthy. So Israel, that can be one reason they put forth.

HUNT: That’s why some of the Republican Jewish supporters are really active.

PELOSI: Well, that’s how they’re being exploited. And they’re smart people. They follow these issues. But they have to know the facts.


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‘Catholic’ Pelosi calls GOP bill to cut off Planned Parenthood funding ‘an immorality’

Leave it to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get it backwards. The “Catholic” Democrat is upset House Republicans this week approved a bill that includes language cutting off funding for Planned Parenthood unless it stops doing abortions.

Instead of lamenting the immorality of abortion, she calls the bill an “immorality,” according to a CNS News report. The bill also withdraws funding for the Obamacare law that includes abortion funding and potential rationing.

Pelosi said, “The defunding of Planned Parenthood, which is part of what their mark-up was about, was it yesterday that they officially marked up? Yesterday, that was, I know was in the mix, I didn’t know if they were finished with it, that mark up.”

“The bill is — what they marked up is really, in my view, an immorality,” Pelosi said. “An immorality to ignore scientific opportunity to make the American people healthier. Things like that I think are an immorality. However, it doesn’t happen to be a priority for the Republicans.”

The Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee approved their FY13 spending bill. During consideration, pro-life Republicans on the panel turned back two pro-abortion amendments from Democrats.

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Hypocrite: Pelosi made up to $5 million on Asian investments in 2011

On the heels of The Weekly Standard’s report yesterday that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz — a vocal critic of Mitt Romney‘s investing practices, had herself dabbled in the foreign markets — we can add Nancy Pelosi to the list of prominent Democrats to profit from overseas investments.

According to Pelosi’s 2011 financial disclosure statement, the Democratic House Minority Leader received between $1 million and $5 million in partnership income from ”Matthews International Capital Management LLC,” a group that emphasizes that it has a “A Singular Focus on Investing in Asia.” A quick trip to the company website reveals a featured post extolling the virtues of outsourcing.

“Designed in California, Made in Manila” sounds like an excellent title for a smear ad to be run the by the Barack Obama campaign. Instead, it appears to be Nancy Pelosi’s investment strategy.

Pelosi is also a small investor in the embattled “Moduslink Global,” one of the “outsourcing pioneers” that Mitt Romney has been criticized for associating with while at Bain Capital.

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Video: Mark Levin Holds Nancy Pelosi In Contempt

Mark has a lot to say about Nancy Pelosi shooting her mouth-accusing the GOP of attacking Holder over trying to stop “voter suppression”.

Photo Credit: The Talking Hand