New Planned Parenthood Ad Campaign Seeks to Defend Abortion Giant’s Government Funding

After spending over $30 million on the 2016 election, Planned Parenthood has a new project: a million-dollar ad campaign defending its government funding.

The organization, which receives over half a billion dollars from taxpayers each year, stands to lose a significant portion of its government funding should Congress pass a reconciliation bill that includes the House Energy and Commerce Committee language making Planned Parenthood affiliates ineligible for receiving Medicaid reimbursements for one year after the enactment of the bill.

Desperate to keep the tax dollars flowing, Planned Parenthood’s latest campaign will reportedly highlight the abortion giant’s “cancer screening and prevention services,” as they are referred to in the group’s annual reports, which, according to Planned Parenthood’s own numbers, have decreased by 57 percent since 2010.

It’s not surprising that Planned Parenthood intends to highlight cancer-related services rather than its abortion activity. But policymakers should keep several important facts in mind during the debate surrounding tax dollars and entanglement with the abortion industry.

The most recent annual report for 2014-2015 shows that 94 percent of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy resolution services were abortions and less than 1 percent were adoption referrals. In the same year, Planned Parenthood performed 323,999 abortions. Over the course of the last three reported years, Planned Parenthood has performed almost 1 million abortions.

Meanwhile, annual reports in recent years show that Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive services have dropped. STD and STI prevention and treatment services have dropped. Total services have dropped. And, importantly, cancer screening and prevention services have dropped.

LiveAction highlights that Planned Parenthood “only does 0.97 percent of Pap smears and 1.8 percent of breast exams” in the U.S. Planned Parenthood provides zero mammograms, despite often repeated claims to the contrary.

It’s also worth noting that the most recent data available about Planned Parenthood’s activity comes from the 2014-2015 annual report, which was released in December 2015. As previously discussed here at The Daily Signal, these annual reports are typically published in December or January, so the latest report addressing 2015-2016 was expected to be available by now.

But it’s nowhere to be found, and requests from The Daily Signal to Planned Parenthood’s press team have gone unanswered.

How many cancer screening and prevention services did Planned Parenthood provide during the most recent reporting year? How many unique patients were served? How many abortions were performed?

Planned Parenthood isn’t saying, but is going to great lengths to keep the tax dollars flowing in the meantime. (For more from the author of “New Planned Parenthood Ad Campaign Seeks to Defend Abortion Giant’s Government Funding” please click HERE)

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WATCH: Planned Parenthood VP Refuses to Say If Abortion Kills a Human

During an interview with FOX News’ Tucker Carlson, the executive vice president of Planned Parenthood repeatedly refused to answer whether abortion ends a life.

Carlson pressed Dawn Laguens about her thoughts on abortion extinguishing a fetal heartbeat and whether a fetus whose sex is different from his mother’s is part of the mother’s body. She didn’t answer Carlson’s questions directly, instead repeating unrelated pro-abortion talking points.

“If you can hear the fetal heartbeat, and then it’s extinguished, what do you think of that? Is that a big deal or not to you? And if not, why not?” asked Carlson.

“Well, I take seriously all of the healthcare work that we provide at Planned Parenthood,” Laguens replied. “I believe in safe, legal abortion. I believe it’s up to each woman and individual.” (Read more from “WATCH: Planned Parenthood VP Refuses to Say If Abortion Kills a Human” HERE)

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Trump Made Cecile an Offer She Had to Refuse: Stop Aborting Babies or Lose $500 Million

I don’t like vague language and euphemisms. They’re the weapons of the dishonest and manipulative. Say what you mean and say it clearly.

For a long time now I’ve been cringing every time I hear the weasel words “abortion providers.” I’m begging prolifers to stop using the other side’s pet euphemisms. Stop saying Planned Parenthood “provides abortions” or “is the nation’s largest abortion provider” or any other such combination of those two words.

No one provides an abortion. It is not a beneficial, or necessary service, but an act of violence. It can only be committed. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest perpetrator of abortion. It does not provide the deaths of millions of unborn children; it causes those deaths. Planned Parenthood commits violence against the child in the womb, and against women, every single day.

The only thing being provided is the obscene profit these medical hitmen rake in for perpetrating the violence of abortion. As George Orwell warned, fuzzy language can obscure horrendous crimes, so let’s be precise in ours, for the sake of the truth.

Just How Much Do You Love Abortion?

This brings me to President Trump’s recent offer to Planned Parenthood: Want to keep your funding? No more abortions.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards replied on Twitter:

There it is. “Providing” abortions is just as important to the mission of PP as cancer screenings. (And again, for the record, for the umpteenth time, not a single PP in the nation can provide a mammogram. They may be able to do a Pap smear and an HPV test, but that’s about it.) The marketing of Planned Parenthood as a magnanimous and comprehensive health care provider for untold scores of women who will otherwise never see a real doctor and thus die of cancer … it’s all a lie. Women have thousands of other options – and far better ones.

The mission of Planned Parenthood is not cancer screenings. It’s abortion. If tomorrow Planned Parenthood could no longer commit abortions, they would close their doors. It’s that simple. The organization exists for the purpose of profiting from abortions. And at least now Cecile is finally admitting it. She wants that half a billion in taxpayer dollars, all right, but to keep it she’s not about to melt down Planned Parenthood’s golden calf. Its mission is abortion.

Cancer screenings are not lucrative. Abortion is a monumental golden cash cow. No doubt Cecile is quite fond of her nearly $600,000 annual salary, so she’s determined to keep the bloody lucre flowing. She knows that so far, no administration has had the fortitude to cut Planned Parenthood off and withstand the cutthroat retaliation she would unleash. She’s counting on that to keep our lawmakers obediently underwriting her “mission.”

Drop the vague, specious language that anesthetizes the conscience. We are talking about bloodshed, not health care. There is no possible definition of health care that can include deliberate violence against a tiny child.

It is not in the interests of a woman’s health to kill her defenseless child. Chopping tiny humans into pieces cannot be considered “care.”

The Euphemisms in Our Mouths Leave Blood on Our Hands

Amazingly, many Americans, including our lawmakers, still refuse to admit that abortion actually involves literally tearing a baby apart. We have convinced ourselves that the Reproductive Freedom Fairy comes and makes the baby disappear, with no body, no blood, no harm, and no foul. We will not even take abortionists at their own word that babies are strategically dissected so as not to crush the really valuable body parts like brains, hearts, kidneys and tiny eyes that can be sold for still more profit.

We console ourselves by clinging to the statistic that most abortions are committed before the baby’s heart or brain is big enough to be profitable. “Fetal tissue” or better yet, “clumps of cells” are simply flushed away like a bad menstrual period. It’s “terminating a pregnancy,” which is just a weird condition that happens to women sometimes but is totally unrelated to a developing baby in the womb.

People may rant about health care and choices and autonomy and “reproductive justice” (oh, the irony of that word!), but we are no better than pagan Romans, who left infants exposed on rocks to be picked apart by crows. In fact, we are worse because we cloak our “exposure” in lab coats and euphemisms, and protect the predators with the force of law. Then we top it all off with a $500 million dollar annual tithe to Margaret Sanger’s Moloch.

Planned Parenthood has admitted that it really isn’t interested in anything other than abortion. Is that what we want to pay for? Let’s at least be honest and admit it. (For more from the author of “Trump Made Cecile an Offer She Had to Refuse: Stop Aborting Babies or Lose $500 Million” please click HERE)

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Trump Makes Planned Parenthood a Deal Only an Abortion Business Would Turn Down

Half a billion dollars in federal funding isn’t enough to keep Planned Parenthood from what it does best — abortions. This week, Planned Parenthood proved once again that, for all their talk of “women’s health,” their business IS abortion.

On Monday, The New York Times reported that the Trump administration made an informal proposal to the nation’s largest abortion provider: You can keep your federal funding if you stop taking the lives of unborn children.

PP refused, as abortion services are simply “nonnegotiable.”

“Let’s be clear: Federal funds already do not pay for abortions,” Dawn Laguens, the executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said. “Offering money to Planned Parenthood to abandon our patients and our values is not a deal that we will ever accept. Providing critical health care services for millions of American women is nonnegotiable.”

That’s at least the talking point. But money is fungible (as anyone who has ever handled currency ought to understand).

GOP officials, of course, promised relentlessly on the campaign trail that they’ll get taxpayer dollars out from under the abortion giant. It was an issue that found new life in 2015 after undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress purported to show PP involved in a large-scale fetal tissue racket.

This all begs the question: If Planned Parenthood was really concerned about vital low-cost health services for women, and really thought the organization would not be able to adequately service patients without an enormous taxpayer kickback, why would it put said handouts on the chopping block for something it says is such a negligible part of its entire existence?

Because it’s all a crock.

This latest development of a White House proposal blows yet another gigantic hole in the hull of Planned Parenthood’s image and racket.

The most popular example of this is, of course, their infamous “3 percent” lie, but has also taken the form of an ad released last year of women AND men touting the abortion mill’s flu and asthma treatment services.

Planned Parenthood – :30 from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

Add that to the 2015 discovery that they don’t provide mammograms (which was even backed up by The Washington Post’s fact-checkers) and the more recent admissions by PP staffers that several of its locations do not provide prenatal care (contrary to claims) … and it all becomes ever more clearer that “women’s health” to this organization is little more than a high-scoring buzzword.

Given what the public now knows about the kind of operation that Planned Parenthood is running all over the country, and the Republican promises made to voters in the 2016 election cycle, there’s absolutely no reason that they should continue receiving a red cent of public money.

There are more than enough places for women to receive basic health care without underwriting this grisly termination business, and their fundraising efforts since Election Day show they do just fine funding themselves.

But no, when the cards are down, abortion is Planned Parenthood’s summum bonum. Everything else – up to and including actual health services – are little more than window dressing. (For more from the author of “Trump Makes Planned Parenthood a Deal Only an Abortion Business Would Turn Down” please click HERE)

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Planned Parenthood Is Terrified: US Facing ‘the Biggest Threat’ to Abortion… ‘Ever’

“We’re in the fight of our lives” and “need all the help we can get.” “This is a turning point in our nation’s history.” “We only survive this moment if we all work together.”

The latest fundraising appeal from Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund reveals one thing:

Planned Parenthood is desperate.

In the plea to Planned Parenthood’s entire network of abortion supporters, Richards boasts about “organizing tens of thousands,” but her tone is undeniably one of fear.

Richards’ emergency appeal describes the political situation as “the biggest threat to reproductive health and rights this country has ever faced.” (Read more from “Planned Parenthood Is Terrified: US Facing ‘the Biggest Threat’ to Abortion… ‘Ever'” please click HERE)

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Latest Court Decision Blocking Texas’ Attempt to Defund Planned Parenthood Shows Need for Congressional Action

A U.S. district judge has blocked the state of Texas from cutting off Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding. This is the sixth instance in which a court has prevented a state from denying Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood: Arkansas, Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana have also attempted to make Planned Parenthood ineligible for funds.

On Dec. 20, 2016, the Office of Inspector General at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission sent a final notice informing Planned Parenthood that its participation in the state’s Medicaid program would be discontinued.

Referencing Center for Medical Progress videos released by pro-life activists in 2015, the notice informed Planned Parenthood that the inspector general “finds you are not qualified to provide medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal and ethical manner under … state and federal law pertaining to Medicaid providers.”

According to Judge Sam Sparks’ ruling, the notice outlined specific alleged violations of accepted standards of medical practice by Planned Parenthood:

1. “A history of deviating from accepted standards to procure samples that meet researcher’s needs.”

2. “A history of permitting staff physicians to alter procedures to obtain targeted tissue samples needed for their specific outside research.”

3. “A willingness to convert normal pregnancies to the breech position to ensure researchers receive intact specimens.”

4. “An admission that ‘we get what we need to do to alter the standard of care where we are still maintaining patient safety, still maintaining efficiency in clinic operations, but we integrate research into it.’”

5. “An admission that Planned Parenthood gets requests for ‘information from our study sponsor on what data they need that is not our standard of care,’ and that [Planned Parenthood] provides what is needed by creating a separate research protocol or template that can include medically unnecessary testing.”

6. “A willingness to charge more than the costs incurred for procuring fetal tissue.”
Planned Parenthood sought a preliminary injunction claiming that Texas violated a federal statute commonly referred to as the Medicaid “free choice of provider” provision, which says that beneficiaries may obtain medical services “from any institution, agency, community pharmacy, or person qualified to perform the service or services required … who undertakes to provide him such services … ”

On Tuesday, Sparks sided with Planned Parenthood and issued the requested injunction.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton immediately announced plans to appeal the decision, sharply criticizing the judge’s decision to rule that “willingness to violate state and federal law on manipulating abortion procedures and profiting from the sale of fetal tissue, making false statements to law enforcement, and misleading multiple courts were insufficient grounds for Texas to exclude Planned Parenthood” from the state’s program. Planned Parenthood has denied any illegal activity.

In a press release, Texas Right to Life expressed disappointment in the decision, but added that it “hopes Texas will soon prevail in the decision to award Medicaid contracts to ethical providers that offer health services to Texas women and families”

Congress should follow Texas’ lead and end federal funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates and other abortion providers.

Disqualifying Planned Parenthood affiliates and other abortion providers from receiving Title X family planning grants, Medicaid reimbursements, and other grants and contracts does not reduce the overall funding for women’s health care.

The funds currently flowing to abortion providers can instead be distributed to health centers that offer comprehensive health care without entanglement with abortion on demand.

Congress should take this step in the context of the upcoming budget reconciliation bill to repeal Obamacare, ensuring that package includes a provision (just as the 2015 version of the bill did) that would make Planned Parenthood affiliates ineligible from receiving Medicaid reimbursements for one year after the enactment of the bill.

Ultimately, Congress should send the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which passed in the House of Representatives in January, to the president’s desk for signature. (For more from the author of “Latest Court Decision Blocking Texas’ Attempt to Defund Planned Parenthood Shows Need for Congressional Action” please click HERE)

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Judge Blocks Texas Cutting Medicaid to Planned Parenthood

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Texas can’t cut off Medicaid dollars to Planned Parenthood over secretly recorded videos taken by anti-abortion activists in 2015 that launched Republican efforts across the U.S. to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.

An injunction issued by U.S. District Sam Sparks of Austin comes after he delayed making decision in January and essentially bought Planned Parenthood an extra month in the state’s Medicaid program.

Texas is now at least the sixth state where federal courts have kept Planned Parenthood eligible for Medicaid reimbursements for non-abortion services, although a bigger question remains over whether President Donald Trump will federally defund the organization. (Read more from “Judge Blocks Texas Cutting Medicaid to Planned Parenthood” HERE)

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5 Reasons Why Planned Parenthood Must Stop Receiving Our Tax Dollars

Planned Parenthood makes many lofty claims about its “services” critical to women’s health. But just digging a little deeper into its actual practices and history reveals something much less positive — and a lot more sinister.

As a pro-life blogger and speaker, who escaped abortion myself in Communist China, and chose life for my “imperfect” child, I feel called to expose abortion lies wherever I see them. This weekend, tens of thousands of people will protest Planned Parenthood nationwide; it’s a critical moment to raise awareness of the abortion giant and its misdeeds.

More than any organization in America, Planned Parenthood is responsible for perpetrating lies about abortion — and lies about its own “women’s health” services. There’s no doubt, the public relations strategy of the abortion giant is built on deception.

If the American public really knew the truth about Planned Parenthood, I truly believe most Americans would immediately stop supporting and defending it. That’s why my latest video gives five reasons why Planned Parenthood must stop receiving our tax funding — the entire $553 million dollars they currently receive annually.

In fact, Congress will soon begin debate over a budget reconciliation bill on this issue. We can expect mainstream media to go crazy over this bill, claiming it will harm women’s health. But the truth is, all it will do is halt abortion providers from receiving about 75 percent of their current taxpayer funding for one year. (Read more from “5 Reasons Why Planned Parenthood Must Stop Receiving Our Tax Dollars” HERE)

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Planned Parenthood Sets ‘Abortion Quotas’, Rewards Clinics With Pizza Parties

The latest video in Live Action’s new investigative series of Planned Parenthood reveals the company rewards its centers with pizza parties for meeting abortion sales quotas – and institutes a “corrective action plan” when they don’t.

“Every center had a goal for how many abortions were done,” Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager, explains in the video. “And centers that didn’t do abortions like mine that were family planning clinics had a goal for the number of abortion referrals.

“And it was on this big grid, and if we hit our goal, our line was green. If we were five percent under, it was yellow. If we were 10 percent under, it was red. That’s when we needed to have a corrective action plan – why we didn’t hit the goal, what we’re gonna do differently next time.”

This video, “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Quotas,” is the fourth in Live Action’s series “Abortion Corporation.” The series has shown Planned Parenthood employees admitting its name is “deceptive” because they don’t promote parenting.

“Ultrasounds for Killing, Not Care at Planned Parenthood” and the accompanying testimony “Planned Parenthood Managers: Ultrasounds for Abortions, Not Care” highlight how Planned Parenthood will only do ultrasounds as part of an abortion – not for women who want to keep their babies. “The Prenatal Care Deception” shows Planned Parenthoods nationwide denying women prenatal care because they “specialize” in abortions. (Read more from “Planned Parenthood Sets ‘Abortion Quotas’, Rewards Clinics With Pizza Parties” HERE)

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Will GOP Keep Its Promise to Defund Planned Parenthood?

A number of promises were made to pro-life voters in 2016, not the least of which was that if given control of Congress, Republicans would defund the country’s largest abortion provided, Planned Parenthood.

But the only way for the GOP to keep that pledge is by passing the reconciliation bill to repeal Obamacare. The longer Republican leaders delay that effort, the less likely either defunding Planned Parenthood or fully repealing Obamacare will actually happen.

We spoke with pro-life activists participating in the recent 44th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., who said they expect the GOP to keep its campaign promises.

(For more from the author of “Will GOP Keep Its Promise to Defund Planned Parenthood?” please click HERE)

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