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Soros Group Sent $1.5 Million to Help Planned Parenthood’s Fetal Harvesting PR Campaign

Liberal billionaire George Soros is one of the left’s biggest funders. And according to new documents provided by the group DCLeaks, one of his foundations sent $1.5 million to help Planned Parenthood fight allegations it was illegally profiting from harvesting fetal body parts from abortions.

Last July, The Center for Medical Progress began releasing undercover videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s activities. The abortion mill launched a budget-blowing PR frenzy, and they needed funds to continue their pushback.

As originally reported by The Washington Free Beacon, Soros’ Open Society Policy Center (OSPC) requested $1.5 million to help Planned Parenthood’s “Fight Back Campaign.” According to the request, “in the several weeks” since the undercover videos exposing the harvesting were released in July of last week, Planned Parenthood used up nearly all of its lobbying resources…”

…[I]ts greatest need for the campaign outlined above is an immediate infusion of c4 funding. Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, has recently secured a commitment for $2 million in c3 funds, with strong prospects for more on the c3 side. Funding for lobbying activities, however, is much harder to come by, so OSPC is uniquely situated to provide a critical resources PP will have a hard time finding anywhere else.

501(c)3 organizations are nonprofits that are not allowed to engage in officially political work. 501(c)4 organizations are allowed to endorse candidates, lobby for legislation and otherwise engage politically. Like many organizations, Planned Parenthood has both.

Media Research Center reporter Katie Yoder confirmed that OSPC received its requested funding. She reported that “[i]n a Sept. 23, 2015 memo to Soros’ U.S. Programs (USP) Advisory Board (also under the umbrella of OSF), Ken Zimmerman (USP Director) and Andrea Batista Schlesinger (USP Deputy Director)” said that OSPC “’supported’ Planned Parenthood” with the requested funds.

OSPC also funded efforts to convince U.S. Catholic Bishops to highlight looser immigration policies and environmental priorities instead of marriage and abortion during Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to America. As reported by LifeSiteNews’s John-Henry Westen, documents revealed in the DCLeaks hack showed $650,000 was given to two liberal social justice groups, PICO and Faith in Public Life.

The money was used to “[f]orm partnerships with the AFL, SEIU, and 11 faith groups during the September events in order to mobilize 10,000 people to public action and train 3,500 others as messengers of Pope Francis’ economic and racial justice agenda,” among other efforts. One of those other goals was to gain “[b]uy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope.”

The group is also trying to undermine and overturn pro-life laws internationally, according to more documents. The pro-life country of Ireland is a top target. (For more from the author of “Soros Group Sent $1.5 Million to Help Planned Parenthood’s Fetal Harvesting PR Campaign” please click HERE)

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New Planned Parenthood Ad Attempts to Downplay Its Abortion Involvement

Planned Parenthood is trying to distract the public from the fact that it is the largest abortion provider in the United States with a slick new TV ad.

Adweek reports:

A new ad by the Seattle agency Wexley School of Girls for the org’s Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands branch reminds viewers of those other services while playing on the assumption that anything involving the name Planned Parenthood will eventually turn into a heated all-or-nothing debate over birth control.

The 30-second video spot shows a group of people doing normal, everyday things like drinking coffee, painting, and clothes shopping. After rattling off typical reasons that people choose to get abortions such as career aspirations and the perceived inconvenience of pregnancy and childbirth, each one of the actors gives a different reason for going to Planned Parenthood, none of them to receive an abortion.

Planned Parenthood – :30 from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

“A flu shot,” says one actor. “Controlling asthma,” says another.

“There are just a lot more reasons than you think,” claims a voiceover in the final frame.

“The ad will almost certainly not end the frequently contentious debates surrounding the Planned Parenthood organization,” reads the Adweek story. “But it does provide a somewhat restrained pushback against those who would reduce the organization to a single word.”

It’s clever marketing, but it’s also a huge red herring.

Yes, both women and men can get vaccinations at a Planned Parenthood, as well as other services that don’t involve terminating the life of a pre-born child, but that doesn’t make the abortion giant any less of an abortion giant.

Firstly, the organization’s own reports show that a vast majority of its revenue comes, in some degree, from abortions, with some estimates as high as 86 percent. When asked about this at a Congressional hearing last year, CEO Cecile Richards was unable to give a straight answer about the revenue percentage when pressed about it under oath.

Additionally, according to statistics from the Guttmacher Institute — which was founded by Planned Parenthood — the organization is responsible for nearly a third of abortions performed in the United States, at over 300,000 per year.

Finally, let’s not forget the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover videos from last summer which show Planned Parenthood employees and executives in multiple states engaging in what appears to be a fetal tissue trade.

Put simply, the fact that someone can obtain an asthma inhaler at a Planned Parenthood shouldn’t distract from the organization’s involvement in abortion at all.

Similarly, you may be able to cash a check, get a flu shot, or buy a pack of cigarettes and a lottery ticket at your local grocery store, but it is still a place where people primarily go to buy food.

The Department of Defense may provide meals and housing to active duty personnel, but only a fool would ever think that that the primary purpose of the United States military was anything other than national defense because of this.

Attempts like the video ad above are nothing new. Planned Parenthood has long tried to distract from the reality of its bloody business whether by attempting to normalize abortion by draping it the seemingly innocuous mantle of “reproductive health,” endlessly repeating the widely-debunked talking point that only ‘3 percent’ of its services are abortions, or even producing a “virtual reality experience” that maligns the work of pro-life sidewalk counselors.

None of these, however, change the facts about abortion, its current place in American public discourse, or the fact that Planned Parenthood performs a plurality of the procedures done in the United States.

Neither will 30 seconds of pretty people talking about flu shots. (For more from the author of “New Planned Parenthood Ad Attempts to Downplay Its Abortion Involvement” please click HERE)

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Alaska Court’s Ruling on Abortion and Parental Notification Hurts Teens

Hillary Kieft grew worried when her daughter didn’t arrive from school on the bus as usual. After she called the school to find out what was wrong, a school nurse pulled into her driveway with the daughter (let’s call her “Kelly”) in tow. The nurse explained that she had taken Kelly for counseling after school, according to, which reported on the Kieft story.

But, in fact, the nurse took Kelly to have an abortion.

In New Zealand—where the Kieft family lives—it is completely legal for a minor to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. Parents like Hillary Kieft have no legal right to be involved in their child’s decision to have an abortion, or even to be notified before it happens.

With her parents still unaware of the abortion, 15-year-old Kelly spiraled into depression, self-harm, and eventually attempted suicide. It was only when Kelly finally told her parents about the abortion that they could begin helping her cope—not only with the abortion, but also with the sad reality that the procedure had caused irreparable damage and she would never be able to become pregnant again.

As a article about Kelly points out:

The fact that a school needs permission to take your child on a field trip, but not for surgery, is beyond ridiculous. The same teen needs parental consent before getting a tattoo or using a tanning salon … Has abortion really become such a taboo subject that we are willing to just ignore all legal oversights rather than face the wrath of abortion advocates?

Fortunately, in the United States, most states have parental consent or notification laws.

Generally speaking, the law reflects the fact that parents are responsible for the well-being of their children, and are most likely to have their best interests in mind. That’s why parents have to sign waivers for almost any medical care for their children.

But this just changed for Alaskan families, thanks to a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood attacking the state’s parental notification law.

Alaska law required that minors seeking an abortion notify their parents unless they receive approval from a court (known as a judicial bypass). This notification requirement was intended to foster parental involvement in such a life-changing decision.

The state argued that its interests in requiring notification include encouraging parents to be involved in their minor child’s decision whether to have an abortion, protecting the physical and mental health of minors, and preventing sexual abuse.

In a 4-1 decision last month, the Alaska Supreme Court concluded that the state’s notification law violated the Alaska Constitution’s equal protection clause because it drew an unjustified “distinction between pregnant minors seeking to terminate and those seeking to carry to term.”

Essentially, the majority ruled that the law is unfair because it required parental notification for abortion but not for care related to maintaining a healthy pregnancy until birth. It is true that Alaska allows pregnant teens to receive pregnancy-related health care without parental consent; otherwise many young girls might avoid obtaining needed care.

But, Justice Craig Stowers, the lone dissenter, explained, the law “necessarily differentiates between minors seeking an abortion and minors who intend to carry to term” because mandating parental notification before a minor can receive prenatal care may threaten the health of the mother and the growing child. Stowers observed that “no useful purpose is served by … requiring parental consultation for carry-to-term decisions.”

Stowers also wrote that providing parents with an opportunity to discuss the consequences of abortion with their child is both a clearly valid reason for the law, and completely in line with U.S. Supreme Court decisions like Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey (1992).

The law is necessary, he pointed out, to ensure that “the people society holds responsible for her well-being—her parents—will be informed of what is happening in her life.” He noted that previous cases from this very court said that parental notification requirements would further the compelling interest of parental involvement. But the majority now “undermines the parents’ rights and responsibilities in this regard and makes a mockery of its earlier proclamations of the proper and fundamental role parents have traditionally played in their children’s lives,” Stowers writes.

Stowers further noted that the law does not stop a minor from obtaining an abortion against her parents’ will. It only requires that they know, which gives them a chance to exercise their right and responsibility of involvement in their daughter’s life. The law even created an “easily navigable, broad bypass process” that would allow a judge to approve an abortion for the minor without parental notification.

The bottom line is that parents, rather than abortion clinic staff or school nurses, deserve the right to be involved in their minor daughter’s decision whether to terminate her pregnancy. After all, clinics are businesses that do not necessarily prioritize the health and safety of patients over their ability to turn a profit—just look at the conditions of some clinics that were so bad that many states have passed reforms in recent years aimed at increasing the standards at clinics.

As a result of this decision by the Alaska Supreme Court, instead of receiving counsel from their parents, minors may be pressured into making a life-altering decision and forced to hide any emotional or physical struggles from their parents after the fact. Eliminating parental notification is a step in the wrong direction and harms, rather than helps, girls like Kelly. (For more from the author of “Alaska Court’s Ruling on Abortion and Parental Notification Hurts Teens” please click HERE)

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NFL Star: Margaret Sanger’s Plan to Exterminate Blacks Is Working — but Faith Is a Step Toward Healing

Benjamin Watson, a NFL tight end now with the Baltimore Ravens, said in an interview with Turning Point that minorities are buying into the idea of abortion, “hook, line and sinker,” which is ironic, he said, because Planned Parenthood and founder Margaret Sanger’s plan “to exterminate blacks … [is] working.”

Watson discussed how minorities make up the majority of abortions, adding, “We sit here and talk about advancing the black agenda, whatever that means, we talk about our interests, and what’s important to us — like having political power and advancement and all those things — and then we are turning around and we are killing our children. And we are buying the lie that it’s our personal decision to make.”

Men should be a big part of raising their child, he said, because “as much as he has a role in making the baby in the first place, it needs to take both of them the whole way through. Any idea that a man doesn’t have a role in it is not true, and is simply more about politics and making a man’s life easier.”

Watson recalls how he gave advice in the locker room to a teammate who had just found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. “My whole speech to him was encouraging him about what an awesome opportunity it is to raise a child, to give the child a home, to love that child, and that God entrusted him with another life, and what a responsibility and the privilege that is. And then being real and saying, ‘Look, it’s not going to be easy. There are going to be some sacrifices that are going to come.’”

He admitted that it isn’t easy to be a good father and that he falls short all the time. But the man’s duty is to “be there for their child, and for the baby’s mother … we need to be the provider, be a priest, a protector for them, so that they get a little glimpse of the sacrificial love of the heavenly Father.”

“I tell them they’re never going to be a perfect dad because no one is,” Watson said. “But we have a perfect Father to model ourselves after … my job as a father is to be the best example of our heavenly Father as I earthly can.”

Watson’s new book, Under Our Skin, looks at race, bias and justice and “appeals to the power and possibility of faith as a step toward healing.” (For more from the author of “NFL Star: Margaret Sanger’s Plan to Exterminate Blacks Is Working — but Faith Is a Step Toward Healing” please click HERE)

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Alaska’s New Sex Ed. Law Has Planned Parenthood Furious

Alaska implemented a broad new education law that has Planned Parenthood hopping mad while making Common Core foes happy.

HB 156 was passed back in May, but has since sat on the desk of independent Gov. Bill Walker while he considered whether to veto it. Finally, on Thursday, Walker allowed the bill to become law without signing it, saying the bill was a “very close call” for him.

The law influences several different aspects of schooling in Alaska, but of particular note is its provisions on sex education and standardized tests. The law states that sex education may only be taught by a certified teacher, or by an outside instructor approved by the local school board. One major goal of the provision is to keep teachers from bringing in representatives of Planned Parenthood to provide sex education lessons.

The provision was backed by Alaska Sen. Mike Dunleavy, who previously pushed a bill that would have explicitly banned any abortion provider from providing sex education in public schools. That bill failed to pass, but Dunleavy managed to insert the provision into HB 156 as an amendment, where it was then modified into the form that became law this week.

Dunleavy says the law empowers parents by giving elected school boards greater influence on sex ed. (Read more from “Alaska’s New Sex Ed. Law Has Planned Parenthood Furious” HERE)

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Pro-Lifers: Planned Parenthood’s #DNCinPhilly Scare Video Misrepresents Pro-Life Activists

Pro-life sidewalk activists are pushing back against a seven-minute “virtual reality” presentation by Planned Parenthood at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

According to The Daily Signal, “In the video, pro-life protesters are heard calling women ‘whores,’ telling them to close their legs, referencing Bible verses, and asking ‘who’s going to stand up for the rights of the child?’”

“We have taken this really brand new technology of virtual reality with the age-old art of storytelling,” Kristen Tilley, an official at Planned Parenthood Action Fund, told The Daily Signal, “to share the experience of what far too many people go through just to access the basic reproductive health care, but really, especially abortion.”

Several pro-life advocates, however, told The Stream that such behavior is atypical of pro-life activists outside abortion clinics across America the country.

Pro-life activist Larry Cirignano insisted that “most people outside abortion mills peacefully pray or hold signs.” And Jonathan Darnel said, “Of course it has to be virtual reality. Real reality would not serve the narrative they are trying to build.”

Language is Important

Some of those the pro-abortion movement refer to as protesters the pro-life movement refers to as sidewalk counselors. From a guidebook written by Judith Fetrow and found at the website for Catholic television network EWTN:

The clinics present us with a tremendous opportunity to reach out to those people who will not come to our churches, and who seldom see God’s love. It was the sinners, those who had little to do with the religious leaders of the time, whom Jesus sought to reach. At the killing centers, one may find the radical left, those involved in the occult, the walking wounded from churches (in some cases), the homeless, the clinic workers, the abortionists, the mothers, the fathers, the AIDS victims, and those who simply need the Lord.

Jesus dined with the publicans and sinners. He said that it was the sick who need a doctor; that situation has not changed. … What better place to show life and peace than a place of death and despair? Just as Jesus reached out to the thief on the cross, we should feel compelled to reach out to the abortion-bound mom …

The top three qualities the guidebook lists as essential for a good sidewalk counselor are empathy, sincerity and unconditional acceptance.

“Bad Apples” Seen in Planned Parenthood Virtual Reality

Cirignano conceded that not every sidewalk counselor or clinic protester lives up to this standard. “Some people get emotional when confronting Planned Parenthood escorts who are taunting them,” he said, and “some people scream to be heard because of barriers placed between the pro-life advocates who are offering alternatives and the Planned Parenthood advocates who are looking for profits.”

Lauren Handy, a sidewalk advocate, post-abortive counselor and full-time activist who regularly holds graphic images of abortion victims, conceded that “there are bad apples in every basket” and that what she saw in the Planned Parenthood virtual reality video “were the bruised and moldy ones.”

“I saw well-meaning people make costly mistakes,” she said. “We are dealing with a situation where someone is about to be killed for profit, and the lack of training/understanding of crisis intervention displayed by those in the video will do more harm than good.”

Like Handy, Cirignano did not downplay those portrayed in the video. However, he said, “They are the exceptions, not the rule.” He said that “the virtual reality we need to show is the Silent Scream or a modern 4-D version from the baby’s perspective of feeling pain.”

Handy said that “demonizing” those pro-life activists who have taken a mean and angry approach in the past “would be a disservice to the movement. We need to reach out to them/offer them training and encouragement to become more effective.”

In her guidebook for sidewalk counselors, Faltrow says that the work is emotionally draining and that burnout is a common danger. But like Handy, she insists it’s all worth it. (For more from the author of “Pro-Lifers: Planned Parenthood’s #DNCinPhilly Scare Video Misrepresents Pro-Life Activists” please click HERE)

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Undercover Filmmaker Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Calls His Case a ‘Huge Win’ for Journalists

Two undercover filmmakers whose videos exposed abortion provider Planned Parenthood won’t face criminal charges after all. Instead, they’re hailing the news as a First Amendment victory for citizen journalists.

On Tuesday, the Harris County district attorney’s office dismissed all charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. The duo worked undercover to produce a series of videos alleging Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the sale of unborn baby body parts. It is illegal to “knowingly acquire, receive, or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue.”

Daleiden, project lead at the Center for Medical Progress, and Merritt were indicted by the Houston-based grand jury in January for using false government identification during their undercover investigation. Daleiden was also indicted for “intentionally and knowingly” offering to buy human organs. The two faced up to 20 years in prison, LifeSiteNews reported.

Daleiden, 27, called the charges against himself and Merritt, 62, “bogus” and “politically motivated.” He said the dismissal of charges “is a resounding vindication of the First Amendment rights of all citizen journalists, and also a clear warning to any of Planned Parenthood’s political cronies who would attack whistleblowers to protect Planned Parenthood from scrutiny.”

“Planned Parenthood did wrong here, not David Daleiden,” said Peter Breen, Daleiden’s attorney.

Breen said Daleiden used “standard undercover journalism techniques” and followed applicable laws. He also called it “a huge win for the First Amendment rights of undercover journalists.”

For the investigation, Daleiden set up a fake biomedical research company, Biomax Procurement Services. Daleiden and Merritt falsified California driver’s licenses to match their undercover identity.

After a string of the undercover videos were released last summer by the Center for Medical Progress, federal and state investigations, as well as a nationwide effort to defund Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding, ensued.

Planned Parenthood has claimed no wrongdoing. Earlier this year, the Houston grand jury declined to charge the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Pro-life activists had revealed a potential conflict of interest between the district attorney’s office and Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue found that a prosecutor in the office also serves on Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s board of directors.

In his statement, Daleiden said:

Planned Parenthood tried to collude with public officials to manipulate the legal process to their own benefit, and they failed. A year after the release of the undercover videos, the ongoing nationwide investigation of Planned Parenthood by the House Select Investigative Panel makes clear that Planned Parenthood is the guilty party in the harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts for profit.

“The dismissal of these charges is just more evidence that they should not have been brought in the first place,” said Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

“The bias and misconduct of the prosecutor was evidenced by her turning over the undercover videos to Planned Parenthood, which was supposed to be the target of the investigation,” von Spakovsky added. “Instead, the prosecutor apparently violated grand jury secrecy rules and coordinated with Planned Parenthood to target the undercover journalists who had exposed Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoing.”

Planned Parenthood has said the Center for Medical Progress videos are part of an “elaborate, illegal conspiracy in order to block women’s access to safe and legal abortion.”

“Relying on old tactics, anti-abortion activists have leveled a new series of false claims against Planned Parenthood since July 2015,” Planned Parenthood’s website says. “Using heavily edited videos, extremists made now widely discredited and debunked accusations about our practices to facilitate fetal tissue donation at a small number of Planned Parenthood health centers.”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, calls Daleiden a “hero.”

“Planned Parenthood needs to be held accountable for their horrendous business practices of betraying their clients and selling their babies piece-by-piece for profit,” Hawkins said in a prepared statement.

Planned Parenthood called the Center for Medical Progress’ work and congressional investigations into their organization a “smear campaign.”

“Daleiden shone a spotlight on the darkness that is the abortion industry and faced unrelenting personal attacks as a result,” said Roger Severino, director for the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation. “Now that the misguided prosecution against him has failed, the focus should go back to where it always belonged, on defunding Planned Parenthood and ending the unconscionable practice of buying and selling of aborted baby parts.” (For more from the author of “Undercover Filmmaker Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Calls His Case a ‘Huge Win’ for Journalists” please click HERE)

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Since When Does Planned Parenthood Have a Constitutional Right to Taxpayer Funds?

Once again, we have Republican dominance of a state’s political branches of government rendered moot by the council of revision aka the federal court system.

Utah, like many GOP-controlled states, moved to cut off taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood after their associates were caught on video discussing the trafficking of fetuses. The liberals in the legal profession have successfully placed temporary injunctions on many of these acts. After the district judge withdrew a stay on Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s action, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed that decision and blocked the common sense action on the part of the state of Utah.

Writing for the three judge panel (consisting of Reagan, Clinton, and Obama appointees) in Planned Parenthood v. Herbert, Judge Mary Briscoe determined that Planned Parenthood was likely to succeed on the merits because “a reasonable finder of fact is more likely than not to find that Herbert issued the directive to punish PPAU for the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights it has identified in this litigation.”

While one judge disagreed with another constitutional point, they all agreed that the governor violated … you guessed it … the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. The Equal Protection Clause was merely designed to reiterate the basic life, liberty and property negative rights that applied to everyone else and ensure that they were granted to freed slaves. As I note in Chapter 4 of Stolen Sovereignty, Rep. James F. Wilson, R-Iowa, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee back in the 1860s who helped draft the 14th Amendment, spoke emphatically that it was “establishing no new right, declaring no new principle.” “It is not the object of this bill to establish new rights, but to protect and enforce those which belong to every citizen,” declared Wilson in 1866.

Yet, we have now moved onto a post-constitutional judicial oligarchy that believes the 14th Amendment not only creates a right to an abortion, but a positive right for a private organization under criminal investigation for trafficking baby parts to secure taxpayer funding.

What is further ironic is that we have a legal profession that now agrees that not giving a criminal enterprise taxpayer funding is tantamount to blocking their First Amendment rights, but taking negative action (imprisonment or fines) against private business owners who don’t service gay weddings or transgenderism is the highest order of mankind. Oh, and let’s not forget that the pesky document from 1776 declares that fundamental rights come from natural law and nature’s God, of which the sexual identity movement repudiates.

We have reached a point in time when the judiciary has voided out the elected branches of government even to the point when it must keep taxpayer funding flowing to criminal enterprises that engage in immoral behavior that is well within the historical powers of a state to regulate. We have a judiciary that green lights liberal state officials to infringe upon inalienable negative rights of property, conscience, and self-defense, but impedes conservative state officials from regulating positive privileges.

As I noted last week, this is part of a growing trend from the lower courts tossing out every last regulation of abortion facilities and mandating funding for Planned Parenthood. It’s time conservatives realize that we are not just one election away from winning back the courts. The courts are irremediably broken. Even if we succeed in appointing judges who will never expand upon existing breaches in the Constitution, a task that is dubious at best, there is enough existing post-constitutional precedent embedded just in the bastardization of the 14th Amendment alone to void out every policy initiative we could possibly hope to achieve from a Republican president and GOP-controlled states. That existing “precedent” is respected by most GOP appointees, except for the few in the mold of Clarence Thomas. We will never win the judiciary game a half century into this post-constitutional Gomorrah.

It’s time to ignore the courts and the first step to delegitimizing their ill-gotten power is for Congress to use its existing constitutional authority, pursuant to Article III Section 2, to regulate the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary. They must protect the states in their ability to pass common sense immigration enforcement laws, abortion regulations, define marriage, protect religious liberty and protect the franchise from fraudulent voting.

The lower courts are even worse than the Supreme Court, yet they are created by Congress and can easily be swatted down. The notion that one federal district judge could rule over a state or even a congressional statute fully in the spirit of our Constitution, history, and traditions is absurd, given the fact that Congress can abolish those courts altogether. As for the Supreme Court, Congress can prevent all but a few spheres of original jurisdiction granted to it by Article III from becoming precedent through narrowing their power of adjudication.

Let’s not forgot the timeless admonition of Abraham Lincoln in his first inaugural address:

[t]he candid citizen must confess that if the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made in ordinary litigation between parties in personal actions, the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their government into the hands of that eminent tribunal.

In this spectacularly hyped election season that will determine control of the presidency, Congress and state governments, let’s remember that if we fail to alter the perception of the court’s power, the outcome of every major political and social question of our time will be placed in the hands of that eminent tribunal. Their ill-gotten power as the council of revision, in conjunction with their anti-constitutional ethos used to make those decisions, will ensure that we no longer have individual, state or national sovereignty to be governed by the consent of the governed. (For more from the author of “Since When Does Planned Parenthood Have a Constitutional Right to Taxpayer Funds?” please click HERE)

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Planned Parenthood Tweets Opposition to ‘Tearing Apart Families’

Planned Parenthood’s political action committee ironically condemned the Supreme Court’s 4-4 split on President Obama’s immigration executive order Thursday in a tweet saying the mega abortion provider opposes “tearing apart families.”

The Supreme Court tie has the effect of upholding a lower court which ruled Obama’s order freezing certain deportations was an illegal use of executive power. Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a sister organization to Planned Parenthood that focuses on political advocacy, was deeply distressed by the tie, declaring on Twitter that “human dignity has no borders.”

A few other Twitter users noted the statement’s irony, given Planned Parenthood’s status as America’s largest abortion provider. Some referenced the fact that many abortions specifically rely on a procedure in which a fetus is torn apart so that its pieces may be safely removed from the mother. Others observed that Planned Parenthood apparently does believe in borders for human dignity.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund also condemned the ruling in a statement on its website, where it continued to use rhetoric that could also be applied in an abortion context.

“It could … rip millions of families apart,” spokeswoman Daniela Ramirez said. (For more from the author of “Planned Parenthood Tweets Opposition to ‘Tearing Apart Families'” please click HERE)

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The Pro-Life Women’s Clinic That Wants to ‘Replace Planned Parenthood’ — and Might Do It

In 2006, Brandi Swindell opened her first pro-life pregnancy care clinic. Ten years later, Stanton Healthcare has clinics in multiple U.S. states, one in Northern Ireland, and more on the way. It’s even caught the eye of Cosmopolitan. The abortion-supporting publication recently published a generally positive profile of Swindell’s clinics and business model, including her goal to “Replace Planned Parenthood.”

Swindell spoke with The Stream on Thursday about how Stanton — named for famed abolitionist and women’s suffrage advocate Elizabeth Cady Stanton, whose rejection of abortion is quoted on the company’s site — services women, and her expectation that it will have affiliates in Alabama, Washington, D.C., and other places within the next two years.

Beating Planned Parenthood At Its Own Game

“One of the things that Planned Parenthood tries to do — and they spend millions of dollars in marketing and advertising this — is to bill themselves, to present themselves, to women as the only choice in women’s healthcare and in unexpected pregnancy care,” said Swindell.

“Part of our idea with Stanton Healthcare is to go where the women are that are facing an unexpected pregnancy and that are trying to determine what they should do in that situation. So for us, it makes perfect sense: ‘Why don’t we go to where the women are. Abortion-vulnerable, or abortion-minded, women are often seeking out the services of Planned Parenthood because that’s what they’re told — that Planned Parenthood is the only place to go to.’”

Stanton’s strategy, she continued, “is to set up shop and open clinics right next door to Planned Parenthood. And we’ve trialed this in Idaho, and then our other affiliate locations, and it works. We have walk-ins every week who are on their way to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion or to have a consultation from Planned Parenthood.”

Calling Planned Parenthood “the largest abortion vendor chain in the world, in the nation, and right here in Idaho,” Swindell described Stanton locations as “state-of-the-art clinics that provide quality care [and] solutions to unexpected pregnancies with life-affirming alternatives.”

That appeals to women who need a clinic, she said. “Women see our signs that say, ‘Walk-ins Welcome,’ ‘Unexpected Pregnancy Solutions At No Charge,’ ‘Pregnancy Verification At No Cost To Our Clients,’ they come in. Because they’re looking for hope, and they’re looking for a professional, confidential setting that will provide them true alternatives. We see walk-ins every week, of women who have said, ‘I’m so glad I found this place, I’m so glad that there’s resources, I’m so glad I’m not alone.”

According to Swindell, the “Stanton Revolution” is totally privately funded, and all services — including, but not limited to, ultrasounds, housing assistance, counseling and adoption — are free. And unlike Planned Parenthood, which gets approximately $540 million annually from various government sources across the U.S., “we are completely and totally 100 percent privately funded,” explains Swindell.

“We rely on people who believe in our work, they believe in our mission, they believe in our strategy. We rely on people’s goodwill – if you want to help us reach women facing unexpected pregnancies, who want to help us with the message of embracing human rights for all.”

“A Very Holistic Approach” That Avoids Birth Control

“We are advocates of empowering women, informing women, and giving them information that helps them make positive decisions,” Stanton told The Stream. “Our nurses have very real discussions with all of the women who walk through our doors. Each and every one of our clients has a very real discussion with our nurse about sexual integrity, what that looks like, what choices that are healthy for women physically, emotionally and spiritually. We have a very holistic approach.”

“We do not support any type of birth control that is an abortifacient. We also aren’t in the business of handing out condoms or whatever type of barrier method to anybody and everybody. That’s what Planned Parenthood does, they give out condoms to 12-year olds.”

“We don’t believe in giving out condoms like it’s candy. We’re into value-based sexual integrity; we’re filling a niche that women in this emerging generation aren’t going to find at Planned Parenthood. When they come to us, they’re going to get a holistic approach on sexual integrity. And they’re going to get fully informed.” (For more from the author of “The Pro-Life Women’s Clinic That Wants to ‘Replace Planned Parenthood’ — and Might Do It” please click HERE)

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