Tune in for FINAL ‘Alaska Talks Liberty’ Radio Show, Featuring Dave Shestokas- Attorney and Constitutional Scholar

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, welcomes Dave Shestokas- Attorney and Constitutional Scholar.

TOPIC: Three lawsuits that should doom Obamacare. Based on the Origination Clause Article I Section 7

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Tune in to his radio show Tuesday, March 18th at 3 PM AK time.

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Editors Note:

Many thanks to Russ Millette for 16 months of dedication to spreading Liberty throughout Alaska and the US. We are saddened to see this show come to an end. Keep up the good fight.

Alaska Talks Liberty Featuring Dave Nalle, Robby Wells and Mystery Guest from Fairbanks AK

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring Dave Nalle of the Republican Liberty Caucus and political reporter for the Washington Times. Additional guest Robby Wells; 2016 Presidential Candidate, along with a mystery guest from Fairbanks Alaska. They will be discussing the corruption in the Alaska Republican Party. Tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 28th at 3 PM AK Time.

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Alaska Talks Liberty Topic: The Future of The Alaska Republican Party

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring various guests this week. They will be discussing The Future of The Alaska Republican Party. Please tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 21st at 3 PM AK Time.

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Alaska Talks Liberty Featuring Greg Stoddard: Alaskans United for Liberty Rep.

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring Greg Stoddard, Alaskans United for Liberty Representative. They will be discussing Failed Governance, Benghazi, Fast and Furious and IRS targets. Tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 7th at 3 PM AK Time.

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Alaska Talks Liberty Featuring Robby Wells: US Presidential Candidate 2016

Russ Millette, host of Alaska Talks Liberty, will be featuring Robby Wells, Independent Candidate for Presidential election 2016. They will be discussing Robby’s run for President and what is happening in America. Tune in to his radio show Tuesday May 7th at 3 PM AK Time.

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Alaska Talks Liberty

Russ Millette will host Bob Bird on Alaska Talks Liberty this Tuesday Feb 12th at 3 PM AST, 6 PM CST, 7 PM EST.

Bob is a Constitutional Scholar and expert on Constitutional Law and will be talking about Nullification and the 2nd Amendment.

Please go to Tues at 3 PM AST and tune in.

Alaska’s RINO’s Fail to Remove Liberty-Minded Chair-Elect; Kangaroo Court to Reconvene February 1

Alaska’s Republican Party (ARP) leadership failed in its attempt last night to remove Chair-elect Russ Millette, a constitutional conservative, as well as vice-chair elect Debbie Brown, from the ARP.

Their efforts fell flat after a motion by Fairbanksan Ralph Seekins to allow Russ Millette a continuance so that he would have time to prepare a defense to the charges raised by leftist ARP Rules Chair and Ruedrich confidant, Frank McQueary.

The charges against Debbie Brown were raised by chairman Ruedrich himself, alleging financial improprieties. The fact that the charges were raised by a chairman who apparently not only transferred tens of thousands of ARP dollars to the Murkowski-supporting Juneau Capitol Hill club without proper authorization just a few weeks ago, but who also seems responsible for a significant FEC fine for financial improprieties related to VECO has many within the party scratching their heads.

It also is shocking that this same chairman was reportedly entrusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars for Joe Miller’s direct mail campaign in 2010 but who has refused to disclose the database evidencing that he actually spent the money for Joe Miller instead of Lisa Murkowski, as suspected by some party members.

To make matters worse, the inquisitors had the gall to confront Millette on who he supported for president in 2012 – despite the fact that the very people asking the questions failed to support Republican-nominee Joe Miller in the 2010 US Senate race. The fact that none of the Alaska press in attendance reported on this extreme hypocrisy reflects that little has changed since their efforts in 2010 to sink the anti-establishment candidate with false stories.

Russ Millette commented after the kangaroo court that McQueary had “brought up charges that he’d never seen before.” He stated that the “whole thing, the charges, were totally bogus.” Millette also noted that “most of the minds [on the ARP executive committee] seemed made up.”

Millette was amazed at the effort to remove him, suggesting that the effort by party-insiders to keep RINO’s in charge of the party would devastate its cohesion. If he were allowed to take office, Millette claimed that he would “unite [and] bring the party together.”

During the hearing last night, he was supported by a number of conservatives who waved signs outside of the ARP headquarters in Anchorage:

Stay tuned for the continuance of Ruedrich’s efforts to unseat his successor on February 1.

Alaska’s RINO Establishment: Tearing Out Liberty and Integrity from the Republican Party

Strengthening our party should be a major priority, especially after the devastation of our recent national elections. Not only does the GOP need to increase numbers, but revamp itself. A recent Scott Rasmussen poll shows that, nationwide, almost two thirds of party members feel leadership is out of touch with its base. Prior to the poll, but affirming its revelation was the election of fresh, new leadership at the 2012 Alaska GOP convention.

We should be striving to attract people of conservative values, outstanding character and action. However, our national and state-level old guard continually demonstrates behavior that, out on the street, causes distrust, disgust, and disdain. That well-earned “dissing” distances people of character, for what upstanding citizen wants to get anywhere near the dirt of self-serving manipulations and Boss Tweed-style despotism generally associated in the public mind with our entrenched leadership?

Past and acting Alaska GOP head, Randy Ruedrich and his associates play right into the hands of the leftist news spinners and editorialists. His arbitrary flexings of power and skilled, but underhanded procedural manipulations are magnified by the liberal media, assuring a lot of wonderful potential new Republicans that, “Yep, it’s just as I thought: Alaska’s Republican leadership is corrupt. I either need to stay clear of organized politics altogether or find a cleaner group”.

I ask these questions: was the Republican State Convention registration and vetting—right while Mr. Ruedrich presided—carried out according to party rules? If so, did all attendees have the right to run for office? Under his close watch, did everyone running have the same opportunity to work the convention crowd and stump from the stage for votes? During his oversight, was the voting conducted in an orderly and by-the-rules manner? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Where, then, is his legitimate gripe?

Did not the voting reflect that folks were sick and tired of the old guard and its ways? Does not Mr. Ruedrich’s low-handed, sore loser, take-my-ball-and-go-home backlash prove those voters’ very point?

There isn’t enough cheese in all of Wisconsin to go with the post-voting whine being poured and passed around by Mr. Ruedrich and his cronies. In my humble opinion, the very mongers of all that is bad about the Alaska Republican Party, those skilled political connivers who needed to be ousted, were ousted. And the ones were voted in who give strong indications they will prove to be people of integrity who’ll play by the rules and keep their word and obligations.

As a convention delegate I feel Randy Ruedrich has already slapped me in the face by so much as threatening to overturn voting results. Mr. Ruedrich and his fellows obviously have two sets of rules. There’s the set available for all to examine and go by. Then there’s his own under-the-table set he pulls out when play by the open set fails to deliver results according to his will. That he would so arbitrarily disenfranchise half a thousand delegates by willingly robbing those like me of the time, energy, and money we trustfully invested disgusts me to a degree beyond polite description. But what he is doing to tear down liberty and integrity within the party—and ultimately the state and nation—draws even more of my ire because of its broader ruin beyond effects to my own person or to other individual delegates singly.