Kurt Russell to ‘The View’: Founding Fathers Had Very Strong Reason for Second Amendment

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” actor Kurt Russell explained his view on the reasoning for the Second Amendment, saying in part it was established by the Founding Fathers for certain protections of its people.

Russell said, “In reality, when we’re dealing with things like, terrorism, whatnot, we’re all going to have different opinions on how to do it. How to deal with it. Mine happens to be that, I think there’s a very strong reason the Founding Fathers had for the Second Amendment. And that is that no government ever hasn’t had to fight its own people, and its own people hasn’t had to fight its own government. We had our civil war. If that Second Amendment hadn’t have been there, those people wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do what they considered defending their life, their way, their style of living. So I agree with that. I think that’s an important part of our existence. It’s basically that simple.”

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Think Gay Marriage is Wrong? Prepare to Lose Your Guns

Editor’s note: The feds are taking an increasingly aggressive stance with respect to gun ownership by those with perceived “mental issues.” For example, this past summer it was announced that the Social Security Administration is developing a plan to report some Social Security beneficiaries to the federal background check system to prevent gun ownership by them. Gun rights groups estimate that over 4,000,000 Americans could be barred from gun ownership by this new approach.

Additionally, federal law prohibits the sale of firearms to anyone who is found to be “a mental defective.” See 18 USC 922(g)(4). In view of recent developments like the frightening “study” below, it’s no stretch to imagine some time in the not-so-distant future when Christians and other traditionalists will be stripped of their Second Amendment rights.


Diagnosing Dissenters: IS HOMOPHOBIA A DISORDER?

By Eric Metaxas. This summer, the Supreme Court narrowly redefined marriage and handed the gay-rights movement a major victory: full “equality” and recognition by the government. With that box checked, the gay-rights movement can now focus on its ultimate goal: silencing those who disagree. . .

In just thirty years, America went from a country where homosexuality was a diagnosable disorder to one where you can be fined for refusing to bake a gay “wedding” cake. Now things are going a step further. New research published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” suggests that homophobia, not homosexuality, is the psychological disorder.

“Live Science” reports that researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata asked 560 university students to report their feelings about homosexuality, then gave them a standard psychiatric evaluation.

Participants who exhibited what the researchers called “healthy attachment styles” tended to show less animosity toward homosexuals. They also showed more “mature coping mechanisms” in “scary or unpleasant situations,” and were generally less angry. But those who showed the highest animosity toward homosexuals exhibited a host of warning signs like inability to trust others, passive-aggressive behavior, and denial.

Lead researcher Emmanuele Jannini concluded, “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia.” (Read more from “Think Gay Marriage is Wrong, You May be Mental” HERE)

Former US Attorney Describes Corruption in Federal Judiciary, Department of Justice

Constitutional Law Attorney Herb Titus was recently interviewed on The Joe Miller Show and described, “for the first time,” his experience as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney where he discovered that federal agents were illegally wiretapping to gather evidence. He also described his shock at discovering that the U.S. Attorney had a “secret passageway” to the federal judge’s office so he could have unlawful ex parte communications with him. He said this type of corruption has continued to the present because of lack of accountability.

Mr. Titus also provided his perspective of the Second Amendment, that its purpose is for “shooting tyrants,” not for protecting sporting and hunting rights. He’s very concerned about the Obama Administration’s effort to impose limits on AR15 ammunition. Additionally, he discussed his efforts in Colorado to roll back the anti-gun legislation that led to several legislators’ defeat during recall elections last year.

Attorney Titus gave his perspective of the Fourth Amendment, explaining that the federal courts’ interpretation of the Fourth Amendment under the guise of “expectations of privacy” is wrong. Rather, the court should take the Founders’ view that only a “superior property right” would grant the government the right to a search warrant. He discussed with Joe why the feds believe they have the right to a warrantless search of everything on the cloud and the implications for privacy in the future.

Finally, Mr. Titus talked about the cases involving Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore. Currently, Mr. Titus is representing Justice Moore, and he also defended Justice Moore during the Ten Commandments Case several years ago.

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Veterans Suspect VA is Creating Federal Gun Registry With Free Gun Lock Offer

Photo Credit: Scott Olson / Getty As President Obama dodges a reminder of the veterans’ health-care scandal this week, the Department of Veterans Affairs is offering free gun locks to veterans if they provide details on the number of guns they own and their home address, raising concerns about a government-run gun registry.

Some veterans have received a form letter in recent days from the VA offering gun locks if they return a completed form listing their name, address and number of guns in the home.

“As your partner in healthcare, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe,” states the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times. “Gun locks have been shown to greatly reduce death and injury caused by firearms in the home. If you own a gun, we hope you will request and use a gun lock.”

The letter said agency officials “hope to reach all our veterans with this offer.” The VA said it will mail the locks to the address provided by a veteran.

One veteran who received the letter said it raises concerns about “a gun registry in disguise.” (Read more about the concerns along with the free gun lock offer HERE)

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Ninth Circuit Denies California Appeal: Eased Concealed Carry Requirements Stand

Photo Credit: AFP

Photo Credit: AFP

On February 13 Breitbart News reported that a three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down California’s “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permits in the state.

Two weeks later, California Attorney General Kamala appealed, asking for the full 11-judge panel to hear and reverse the decision. Her request for appeal was joined by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

On November 12 the Ninth Circuit rejected Harris’ appeal.

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DC Police Employee on Concealed Carry: "The Second Amendment Was Written For When The British Were Coming"

Photo Credit: TownHall

Photo Credit: TownHall

Back in July the Washington D.C. ban on concealed and open carry of handguns was struck down by U.S. District Judge Frederick Scullin as unconstitutional. As a result, the DC City Council reluctantly voted to approve concealed carry, giving the power of writing the rules and regulations to the Washington D.C. police. Now, those rules have been written and they’re impossible to follow.

Investigative reporter Emily Miller and author of Emily Gets Her Gun has started the process of applying for a concealed carry permit in the District.

I am a registered gun owner, but I feel that I’m in more danger on the streets of Washington, D.C. than inside my home. So when D.C. recently passed a new law allowing for some rights to carry a gun outside the home, I decided to apply for a permit. I quickly found that it is still impossible to exercise my Second Amendment right to bear arms.

What she has found so far about the process is enraging. Currently, D.C. police are failing to comply with the court order and the required training that is only available through the D.C. police hasn’t been set up yet. Further, the chief-of-police will determine who has enough evidence and justification for “needing” a concealed carry permit. Living in a high crime area with regular occurrences of rape and murder doesn’t count.

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Mad Gabby: Former Congresswoman Unleashes Nasty Ads Against Pro-Second Amendment Candidates

Photo Credit: TownHallGabby Giffords has unleashed a few anti-gun ads that some are calling downright “mean.” After her attempted assassination by the mentally unbalanced Jared Lee Loughner, the former Arizona congresswoman has become one of the leaders in this renewed effort to promote gun control through her Americans for Responsible Solutions (via Politico):

Gabby Giffords, irreproachable figure of sympathy, has fashioned an improbable new role for herself this election year: ruthless attack dog.

The former Democratic congresswoman, whose recovery from a gunshot wound to the head captivated the country, has unleashed some of the nastiest ads of the campaign season, going after GOP candidates in Arizona and New Hampshire with attacks even some longtime supporters say go too far.

Some of the toughest spots from Giffords’ newly formed pro-gun-control super PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, hammer Republican Martha McSally, a retired Air Force pilot who is running for the Arizona seat Giffords once held. One features a wrenching testimonial from a woman named Vicki who weeps and stumbles over her words as she recounts how her 19-year-old daughter was hunted down and murdered by an enraged ex-boyfriend.

“He had threatened her before. I knew. I just knew,” Vicki says. A narrator then declares that McSally “opposes making it harder for stalkers to get a gun.”

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Geraldo Rivera: Second Amendment is 'Blind and Stupid'

Photo Credit: TownHall

Photo Credit: TownHall

In covering the tragic story of a young girl accidentally killing her range instructor with an Uzi, my colleague Matt Vespa predicted that the anti-gun lobby would exploit this story to promote their agenda. It appears his prediction has been proven true. This past Thursday, Geraldo Rivera, a noted proponent of gun control, posted the following anti-Second Amendment message on his website and Facebook page: (emphasis added)

Like I always say, the 2nd Amendment, the provision that gives every American the right to keep and bear arms, is blind and stupid. In its relentless pimping for the gun industry, the NRA has unleashed an avalanche of deadly weapons on this gun-crazy country. Just as protects access to weapons for cops and hunters, it also protects access to weapons for domestic abusers, mental patients, jerk-offs on the no-fly list, all-around dim bulbs, and now little children.

As the father of a sweet, smart nine year old daughter myself, the latest example of gross excess is the image of that pony-tailed New Jersey girl accidentally killing her gun range instructor. It is obscene and uncivilized to let a third grader shoot a fully automatic Uzi machine gun. What was she training for, revolution? Invasion? Service in the coming post-apocalyptic social disorder? Stupid, but just another of countless examples of how far into insanity we have let the gun nuts push us

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Congresswoman Sees 'Threat' In Constitution

Photo Credit: AFP

Photo Credit: AFP

The head of a gun-rights organization is delivering a lesson on the Constitution to a member of Congress who claimed his statements on the Second Amendment constituted a threat against her.

“Allow me to explain the obvious,” Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, wrote in an open letter to Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.

“I have never encouraged, or even suggested, that anyone harm anyone. Rather, my speech was designed to educate citizens, and politicians, that it is the fact that Americans are armed that allows them to resist efforts to be dominated, intimidated, or controlled by politicians.”

His letter came after Maloney reported him to Capitol Police and the House Sergeant-at-Arms because of his statements in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

In the interview, she alleged, “Mr. Pratt is actively encouraging his members to threaten violent action against members of Congress.”

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Veteran Arrested And Charged For Legally Open Carrying AR-15

Photo Credit: MW / ExaminerA decorated Air Force veteran pleaded not guilty this morning to a charge of “trespassing with a weapon capable of producing bodily harm,” after being arrested by police in Vancouver, Washington, for legally open carrying an AR-15 rifle.

Last Saturday, Mack Worley, eager to exercise his second amendment, open carried his rifle while grabbing a soda and viewing a fireworks stand before attempting to walk back to his car.

“No one had said anything negative to me. A few people came up to me and asked a few questions about what I was doing and I just explained that I was asserting my second amendment right. I was explaining to people that it’s not against the law or a crime to open carry a firearm,” said Worley.

While walking on a public sidewalk toward his vehicle, Worley noticed an officer waiting down the street in a police car. Worley, assuming the police wanted to speak with him, continued walking down the sidewalk.

“As I started walking to them, I hear on a loudspeaker to my left a police officer telling me to put my hands up,” said Worley.

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