Hey Joe Biden! The GM Volt is Dead and Al Qaeda is Alive

Joe Biden’s premature victory cry of “GM is alive and Bin Laden is dead,” rings pretty hollow these days. If that’s all he and President Obama have to hang their hat on after 4 years of “hope and change,” it is a pitiful campaign slogan.

A similar, premature proclamation hung around George Bush’s neck when he declared “victory” in Iraq, when in reality there were still bloody years ahead.

Heralded by the 2009 Obama apology tour speech in Cairo, this week was a shock to Joe and his boss Barack Obama, as their naive “re-set” of foreign policy shattered in violence. Our Ambassador in Libya was killed and our embassies all over the Islamic world were under siege by angry mobs.

The knee jerk reaction from the shocked Obama administration was to blame the violence on spontaneous reaction to a cheesy video on the internet that poked fun of the Islamic religion. But facts lead to the conclusion that at least the Libyan embassy attack was pre-planned and under the influence of Al Qaeda … Ominously for the Obama/Biden narrative, killing Osama Bin Laden, didn’t mean the end of Al Qaeda and the huge wave of anti American violence showed the last 4 years of Obama diplomacy hadn’t changed hearts and minds in the Islamic world.

But buried under the blizzard of foreign policy failure, another tassled shoe was about to drop. It was learned the heavily govt. subsidized Chevy Volt, built by the heavily govt. subsidized General Motors has had disastrous sales. In spite of huge tax credits and the Obama administration trying to artificially inflate sales by forcing the defense Dept to buy Volts…few in the general public are buying them. Forbes Magazine said there are enough scams here to satisfy a Chicago politician.

The Volt was the poster child of the Obama administration, an example of “how to” in leading the way for billions of govt dollars doled out to “renewable energy” schemes. Almost all of these green energy schemes, including subsidizing, solar companies and electric car manufacturing, have proven to be an utter failure.

Last week General Motors stated they wanted the Obama administration to sell its share of stock it owns in their company, the image of being known as Government Motors is hurting business.


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Media bias on steroids: Hiding utter GM Volt failure, channeling for Obama

The Jurassic Press is missing much in their reporting on the $50 billion bailout of General Motors (GM). The Press is open channeling for President Barack Obama – allowing him to frame the bailout exactly as he wishes in the 2012 Presidential election.

The President is running in large part on the bailout’s $30+ billion loss, uber-failed “success.” And the Press is acting as his stenographers. An epitome of this bailout nightmare mess is the electric absurdity that is the Chevrolet Volt. The Press is at every turn covering up – rather than covering – the serial failures of President Obama’s signature vehicle.

The Press has failed to mention at least five Volt fires, myopically focusing on the one the Obama Administration hand-selected for attention.

The Press has failed to mention that the Volt fire problem remains unsolved. Is it the battery? Is it the charging station? Is it the charging cable? All of the above?

GM and the Administration don’t know. And the Press ain’t breaking their necks trying to find out.

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