Alaska Tea Party Goes after Leftist Senate Coalition

As the big field of Republican challengers jostles to get noticed against incumbent state senators, a common target has been emerging for many of them: the bipartisan coalition that has governed the Alaska Senate.

“It’s partially why I’m running,” said Mike Dunleavy, a tea-party backed Republican from Wasilla challenging Sen. Linda Menard, a first-term Republican and a member of the coalition. “I don’t believe the coalition represents the constituents. I think it represents itself.”

“Senate District K deserves to have a senator who stands firm on their principles by refusing to join a coalition that gives the Democrats control,” Jeff Landfield said in May when he announced he was taking on veteran Anchorage Sen. Lesil McGuire in the Republican primary. She’s also a member of the coalition.

And at a recent candidate forum sponsored by the Anchorage Tea Party, two other Republican senate candidates, Liz Vazquez and Bob Roses, signified in a panel question that they wouldn’t join a bipartisan coalition “similar to the one structured in the Senate.” Both are running in districts represented by incumbent Democrats who are part of the coalition — Hollis French and Bill Wielechowski.

To help defeat the “bipartisan” leftist coalition, please visit the Conservative Patriots Group and donate to their efforts.

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Photo credit: neolibertariandotcom