Does EMILY’s List really know what women want?

A few minutes before 3:00 PM last Thursday, the always-cheerful gals over at EMILY’s List (Early Money Is Like Yeast) sent out yet another e-mail blast begging for money. Since their “proven” track record is so less-than-stellar they opted to use this solicitous rant as an opportunity to address what they have accomplished this year.

They touted and featured some of the 1,300 pro-abortion Democrat women they’ve “trained” these last few months in an effort to excite their strictly pro-abortion base. In the hopes of adding even more to their already deep war-chests they lauded the “political prowess” of this year’s EMILY Listers. What they don’t mention and what becomes embarrassingly apparent every election night is that they should have cut back on the canvas bags and given these poor dears a lesson in the subtleties of concession speeches.

The e-mail that went out to millions of their subscribers notes and emphasizes that these pro-abort broads were made aware of what the American female electorate “really” wants as seen through the pro-abortion prism that is EMILY’s List. They claim to have conducted their own “extensive” polling and discovered that:  “The characteristics women voters seek in their congressional representatives include collaborative, equality, balance, relatable, listeners, nurturing, smaller egos, understanding, … and more feminine qualities.”  Really?!?

Nurturing? This is an organization that raises tens of millions of dollars each election cycle with the singular purpose of giving cash to women who advocate the destruction of their own children. In their warped and disconnected reality nothing says “nurturing” more than supporting partial-birth abortion. They advocate nurturing their unborn daughters by ripping them to shreds. Hamsters have a better “nurture” track record.

Smaller Egos? On June 16, 2009 Brigadier General Michael Walsh was testifying before the Environment and Public Works Committee. During the course of his back and forth with male Senators he referred to them as ”Sir,” which is the most common and respectful way of addressing Senators by members of our Armed Forces. But when he referred to Babs Boxer (D-CA) as “ma’am” (most respectful way the military addresses superiors) her super-sized ego attempted to publicly dress-him-down by insisting he call her “Senator.” You can watch the demure Ms. Boxer’s cringe-worthy exchange with the Brigadier General here.

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Photo credit: david_shankbone