Singer Cher Praises ‘Cool’ Joel Osteen, Draws Backlash

World-renowned pop star and actress Cher took to Twitter Monday night to sing her praises for inspirational speaker and pastor Joel Osteen, sparking a media frenzy by her large gay fan base, who challenge Osteen’s belief that homosexuality is a sin.

“I love Joel Osteen, hes example of Christian! He makes Every1 feel welcome 2 his church no matter who they R!1st book like this I ever bought,” Cher wrote, referencing one of Osteen’s several inspirational books relating to spiritual guidance.

“I know this Sounds CRAZY Coming From ME,But he’Cool,UpBeat,wants u 2 have Fun,He’sFunny & Not Preachy! don’t care if ppl think I’m UnCool!” She added shortly after.

One of Cher’s fans then tweeted the famous singer, reminding her that Joel Osteen, an evangelical Christian, believes homosexuality is a sin.

“Umm…not everyone. He’s pretty uncool about gays,” tweeted CallMeNitz.

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Photo credit:  Bruce Tuten