Does Liberalism Make You Fat?

Photo credit: Tobyotter

Obama’s way of beating Romney and Ryan has nothing to do with real issues. It’s pure trash-talking and deliberate flipping of the truth: R&R are poopie kids! Yuck!

Which makes this election about the lowest point in American politics since 1804, when Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. When rational argument disappears, ultimately you get trash-talking, endemic lies, and violence. This is not open debate. It is cynical mass manipulation.

All of which brings me to the Great Liberal Fat Crisis, an “epidemic” we are told is worse than the Chicago murder rate, scarier than mad mullahs with nukes, more insidious even than the corrupt media, and more catastrophic than the O’conomy.

If fat is the question, what’s the answer? Michelle Obama thinks the answer is to drive the Chicken McNugget out of business. Lib politicians always look for scapegoats. Liberal “thinkers” seem to think fat is the fault of capitalism.

But the starving people of the earth think the real answer is to have more and more wonderful fatty, sugary food.

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