Clinton Has Apparently Researched What Countries He Can Now Run For President In

Former President Bill Clinton talked about his eligibility to serve as the leader of both Ireland and France in an exchange with CNN host Pierce Morgan last month.

Morgan, who is from Great Britain said, “We’re trying to change the rules in Britain, actually, because if you can’t be president again here, we’d quite like you to be prime minister in our country. Are you available if it comes to — I get this through?”

Clinton did not answer specifically on Britain during his Sept. 30 appearance on the program.

“There are only two countries I’m eligible to run for the leadership position is if I move to Ireland and buy a house, I can — I can run for president of Ireland, because of my Irish heritage,” Clinton said. “And because I was born in Arkansas, which is part of the Louisiana Purchase, any person anywhere in the world that was born in a place that ever was part of the French empire, if you move to — if you live in France for six months and speak French, you can run for president.”

Clinton said he was popular in France, but had doubts that popularity would hold up.

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