Eurozone Unemployment Hits Record High While, At the Same Time, One Eurozone Country Has Record Low Unemployment

The eurozone unemployment rate was 11.4% in August, up from 10.2% last year. Data from the EU statistics agency Eurostat estimated that 25.5 million men and women were out of work over the period, 18.2 million of whom were in the eurozone.

Compared with the previous month the number of unemployed people in the EU rose by 49,000 and in the eurozone by 34,000.

The overall unemployment rate in Spain has reached 25.1%, while the latest data from Greece for June shows a figure of 24.4%. The outlook is far more optimistic in Germany, however, where just 5.5% of people are out of work.

The EU announced on Monday that it will reallocate an extra €2.7bn of structural funds to tackle youth unemployment, on top of the €7.3bn already identified.

The reallocation is part of the EU’s “Youth Opportunities Initiative” which saw pilot programmes set up in the eight EU member states with the highest levels of youth joblessness: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland and Latvia.