Ex-President Bush Says He’s Skeptical of Romney’s Chances of Winning

Former president George W. Bush is keeping up with the presidential race, and isn’t crazy about what he sees from Republican candidate Mitt Romney, says a new report.

In a long profile of brother Jeb Bush, New York magazine reports that George W. “gets a regular drip feed of political news from (former aide) Karl Rove and others — he’s been critical of Romney’s campaign and skeptical of his chances.”

There is no elaboration.

The former president — who is an issue in the campaign; President Obama often cites the bad economy and two wars he inherited from Bush — is also “living as invisibly as possible,” reports Joe Hagan in New York magazine.

In addition to golf and Texas Rangers baseball games, Bush also has a new hobby, the article says: Painting, “making portraits of dogs and arid Texas landscapes. ‘I find it stunning that he has the patience to sit and take instruction and paint,’ says a former aide.”

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