Failed US State Department Now Defending Dutch Leader Accused of Child Rape

Inexplicably, the US State Department is coming to the defense of a leading Dutch government official who has been accused of horrific sex crimes involving young boys. The foreign official, the Secretary General of the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink, has repeatedly been accused of child sex crimes in the past. The past investigations into these allegations have ended prematurely under questionable circumstances.

After the State Department’s curious involvement in the case, several US congressmen decided to investigate. One, GOP Representative Christopher Smith (NJ), actually held a hearing on the matter. According to WND, Representative Smith deemed the allegations “credible”:

The allegations are shocking and horrible, Mr. Demmink has a right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and that is a sacred right that I’m sure we all want to protect. At the same time, the allegations, when taken in their full context, are credible, and deserve to be properly investigated so that a prosecutor can make a responsible decision whether to proceed with a case against Mr. Demmink. That investigation has never happened – the investigations that have taken place have been a travesty and have done nothing to clear Mr. Demmink’s name. Rather, they have raised further questions

One of the alleged child sex victim’s attorneys, Adele van der Plas, says there is “overwhelming proof” of the Dutch official’s guilt. According to WND:

She said there are four police reports naming Demmink as a suspect, and six victims who have come forward to identify him. She said a Turkish policeman who was to provide security but instead was asked to kidnap boys from the street for Demmink to rape has come forward.

But van der Plas told WND, “There has never been a credible investigation into his behavior.”

She said the investigations simply are halted.

Ms. van der Plas maintains that the past investigations into the accused molester’s criminal activities have been halted because the allegations would “touch the top power elite.” Similar allegations have been made about child sex investigations impeded in the US.

The following is a documentary that concludes “child traffickers rule” the Netherlands:

Why the US State Department would waste effort and reputation defending a foreign official accused of such horrid crimes is inexplicable.