Must See Video: Cavuto – “The Election is Big but the Fiscal Cliff is Bigger”

In this must see video, Neil Cavuto shoots straight as he invariably does, and offers a frank assessment of where this country is headed economically. He contends that the fiscal cliff crisis is a much bigger deal than the presidential election in November.

Cavuto notes that the combination of automatic spending cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts will result in millions of American jobs lost and thousands more in taxes for the average U.S. family.

He concludes that “We’re staring into the abyss and no one is talking about it.”

Cavuto then interviews Craig Smith who criticizes the Congress’s foolish kicking of the can down the road. Smith say the can can’t be kicked any further. As a result, Smith warns that the impending Fiscal Cliff crisis is “more critical than the European debt crisis.” Both Cavuto and Smith are amazed that the main stream media and political candidates are ignoring it: