Obama’s Cruel War on Energy and the Poor, Will be Exposed in a Public Debate on Election Eve

Beneath the campaign rhetoric emanating from the Obama White house is a stark policy reality that is harming America.

When President Obama began his term as President, the average price for a gallon of gasoline was about $1.80, today it is $4.20. Many folks don’t remember this and the Obama administration wants you to forget it.

Caged in a government report that said consumer spending was up, administration officials would want you to think it is a sign of an improving economy. But the details reveal the real reason: People are spending more on expensive gasoline.

President Obama’s energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has been quoted, he wants to see US gasoline prices equal to European levels….Interesting coming from a man who does not own a car.

In spite of the administrations crowing about oil production being up, it really is in spite of his policies. Oil companies are exploiting resources found on private and state land. While massive amounts of federal land, loaded with energy resources, are blocked from exploration by the Obama administration.

This administration has blocked efforts to bring oil in from Canada through the Keystone pipeline. As a result China is buying the oil meant to come to our country.

The coal industry, Americas main source of electrical generation, is reeling from attack after attack by this administrations “legislation through regulation.” Due to the EPA, coal operations are laying off workers and declaring bankruptcy, in a time when every domestic job is precious.

President Obama previously vowed he would bankrupt any coal fired power plant that attempted to be built in our country. He also said this would necessarily make our utility rates skyrocket. Yes he said that.

Folks with a lot of money can afford to pay more to fuel up their cars with expensive gas, or pay hundreds of dollars a month to pay their utility bills to heat and light up their homes. But the poor and middle class are already on the edge and every penny increase in the cost of energy to them, might mean a decision as to whether to put food on their table or put gas in their car.

The suffering caused to Americans is barely getting any attention in the main stream media as we approach the November elections. Higher energy costs affect everything we rely on to live: Food, shelter and clothing.

The driving force behind the Obama administrations war on fossil energy, is that the use of it is causing “climate change,” and poisoning the earth….it must be stopped. The environmental industry, which puts mankind’s needs very low on the totem pole of priorities, has the Presidents ear and donates millions of dollars to his re-election effort. So no one expects any changes in the Whitehouse policy if he gets a 2nd term.

But most of the high profile environmentalists and the politicians they support, don’t mind having one way conversations regarding their views and promoting their science in their quest to destroy our fossil fuel industries. But most shy away from a real debate…Have you ever heard Al Gore actually debate a knowledgeable expert and have to defend his “earth has a fever”views? I haven’t. I also haven’t heard any of the other high profile environmentalists defend their positions in a public debate setting, where they actually have to answer tough questions….But that is about to change

In late July, environmentalist icon Bill McKibben–a man who has been instrumental in crippling the coal industry and stopping the Keystone XL pipeline–announced his intention to create a movement to demonize and dismantle the fossil fuel industry. The industry, he declared, is “Public Enemy Number One.”

But Alex Epstein, the founder of Center for Industrial Progress and pioneer of the powerful environmental case for fossil fuels, challenged McKibben to a public debate: “Are fossil fuels a risk to the planet or do fossil fuels improve the planet?”

This debate will be held November 5 at Duke University. It is in a public setting and will have major attention from all corners of the world. A showdown between the environmental industry and the very energy industry it has been trying to destroy. There will be no place to run and no place to hide.

Here is the website that will give you the details and an accompanying video: Debate McKibben vs. Epstein.


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