Romney Polling Better Than Reagan With Jewish Voters

The IBD [Investor Business Daily] tracking polls have been shifting in and out when it comes to the Jewish vote, but over the last week it’s been a close race between Romney and Obama. And in some polls, even the share of every Republican in the last 100 years…

The Jewish vote, like the national vote, is somewhat cyclical. There’s a liberal share of the pie that is unwinnable, but also has no long term future for simple demographic reasons that are already taking hold in New York City. And there is a share that is up for grabs.

The cycle now appears to be shifting away from the Democrats who have blown the economy and the Middle East, both issues of concern to Jewish voters and all voters.

Romney may not beat Reagan’s share of the Jewish vote in the actual election, but right now he’s polling ahead of him…

A shift this major might have all sorts of implications for the future.

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