Video: A View from Overseas – Here’s What the Taiwanese Thought of the Debate

American politics are followed closely overseas, especially in countries with close relationships to the U.S.

Taiwan is no exception. In this animated clip, the Taiwanese show Obama taking a real beating. Unlike most US commentators, the creators of the video point out that Obama received more time than Romney and, contrary to a recent Democratic political ad, suggest that Obama was more of a bully to the moderator than his opponent.

Like other animations from Taiwan, this video is not designed for kids. There’s a pretty graphic portrayal of a Romney attack on Sesame Street’s Big Bird – due to his proposed cuts to PBS. Additionally, both candidates engage in animated combat, similar to the portrayal of Romney and his GOP competitors in the Moral Kombat video posted several days ago.

In short, the Taiwanese who created this video considered Romney the overwhelming victor in the first 2012 Presidential Debate: