Video: Ann Romney Says She’s Prolife but Mitt was a Prochoice Governor

By Hugo Gye and Meghan Keneally. The wife of the Republican presidential candidate gave a passionate defense of the pro-life stance held by her and her husband during an appearance on daytime talk show The View.

Ann Romney said she will not be the one making the decisions but her husband, who is now running as a pro-life candidate in spite of serving as a pro-choice governor of Massachusetts.

‘The good news is, I’m not running for office and I don’t have to say what I feel. But I am pro life. I’m happy to say that,’ she said.

‘He could not have, on his conscience, creating human life for experimentation,’ she said in reference to Mr Romney’s decision against stem cell research during his time as governor.

‘That’s when he came out saying he was pro life. I think we all have to understand this is an issue that is so tender and there are people on both sides of the issue, with very good conscience, coming with a different opinion.’ Read more from this story HERE.

Here’s Ann Romney’s interview on the View: