Video: Ex-Democratic Pollster Says Media Has Become “Enemy of the American People”

In this video from last week, former Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell lambasts the mainstream media for not only telling the American people who to vote for but, more problematically, not telling the American people about things that they have the right to know about.

Caddell discusses several stories. The first involves Obama Senior Adviser David Plouffe who received $100,000 from an Iranian front group to give two speeches in Nigeria. Caddell notes that “no one” gives that kind of money away without expectation of something in return. Nevertheless, the MSM has said virtually nothing about the $100,000 Iranian payment to Obama’s adviser.

Next, Caddell, talks about what has happened in Libya and the complete breakdown of true journalism. He calls the media’s failure to report on what really happened as well as its coddling of the Obama administration, a “threat to the very future of the country.”

Here’s a video of the highlights of his speech: