Obama’s Snarky Debate Response About Horses & Bayonets (+video)

Obama’s approach to tonight’s debate may have misfired on him. Many of his responses seemed snarky and small.

One example was his response to Romney’s concern about the incredibly shrinking size of our nation’s navy. Romney explained that the US Navy will be down to almost two hundred ships in the next presidential term if things continue.

Romney also cited the size and aging character of the US air force. Although he didn’t do so, Romney could have mentioned that the backbone of our strategic bomber force, the B-52 Stratofortress, was originally designed in the 1940’s but is still in service today.

Obama’s response did not effectively confront any of these concerns. Moreover, it was factually erroneous with respect to bayonets — I trained with them at West Point and they are still standard issue to some military units.

Turns out, Obama was even wrong about the horses.

See Obama’s childish (and erroneous) failure to address the contention that the US military’s aging infrastructure will only grow worse under a second Obama term: