Video: Paul Ryan Ends Interview Abruptly After “Strange” Question from Reporter

In an interview with WJRT TV out of Michigan, Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan abruptly ended the interview, stating that the reporter was “trying to stuff words into people’s mouths.”

The questioning began the reporter asking whether Paul Ryan thought that the nation had a “gun problem.”

Ryan answered that he thought the nation had a “crime problem” not a gun problem. He also noted that not even Obama was proposing any new gun laws. He then told the interviewer what he believed should be done to help address inner city problems.

The reporter then asked, “And you can do all that by cutting taxes, with a big tax cut?”

Ryan answered, “Those are your words, not mine.”

Then, someone off camera, apparently a Ryan staffer, interjected, “Thank you very much, sir” and tried to place a paper over the camera lens. Ryan’s exchange with the reporter continued off camera with the vice presidential nominee stating that he found the reporter’s question “strange” and “a little odd”: