Why Socially Conservative Blacks & Hispanics Tend to Vote Democratic

How is it possible that two groups who have historical legacies of being religious could vote in elections overwhelmingly for the political party that promotes and legalizes “sin” (homosexuality, abortion, gay marriage, taking God out of the mainstream, sloth, etc.) – the Democrats? Blacks have consistently voted in the 90% range for Democrats, and Latinos have voted in the 60-70% range.

The answer to this question can be found in a great statement made recently by Glenn Beck. He said, “When somebody has an agenda, they don’t want to hear the truth.” That is, they let their dominant agenda trump any other agenda they might have. In this case, blacks and Latinos are letting their racial and ethnic identity trump their religious identity. He also said that when this is the case, the more radical are even sometimes given to “lying” (in political ads and speeches), stealing (votes) and cheating (in getting unqualified people to vote)” to advance their agenda. (More “sins”.) And if someone isn’t representing the truth, they automatically are in lies (untruths).

Some of the groups that have at least some agendas and ideologies not based on truth would be: liberals, racists, feminists, hedonists, homosexuals, environmentalists, political parties, various religions/denominations, secularists, various addictions, illegal aliens – including blind addiction to happiness and pleasure, and various personal agendas that aren’t in harmony with nature as designed by its Creator.

And speaking of illegal aliens, why do democrats and democrat judges work hard to make sure that ID’s aren’t required for voting? That doesn’t make sense, when ID’s are required for nearly everything else. The only possible conclusion is that they don’t want their many attempts at voter fraud to be stymied (dead people, felons, pets, multiple votes, illegal aliens, etc.).

A problem with people who have agendas (as the Glenn Beck quote stated) is that they are hard to reason with because based on the tenets of their agenda, they allow a blind, knee-jerk, lock-step loyalty to those tenets to overrule their ability to reason, as they just parrot the sound bites of those tenets. And the fact that they often use name-calling and emotion to push those sound bites and silence their opponents – especially within their racial, ethnic or special-interest group – implicitly says that they don’t have enough confidence in the tenets of the agenda or ideology that they are aligning with to be able to calmly and intelligently present and defend them and persuade others.

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