FBI Agent Yanked From Petraeus Investigation After “Growing Obsessed” With Other Woman in Probe

A federal agent was pulled off the investigation into David Petraeus’s illicit contact with Paula Broadwell when the agent reportedly became obsessed with another woman involved in the probe, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The FBI found that the agent had sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelley, the Tampa woman who reportedly received a half dozen emails from Broadwell that warned Kelley to stay away from Petraeus. The emails were sent from anonymous accounts.

That same agent was a friend of Kelley’s and he had started the FBI investigation into the emails — which eventually led to Petraeus’s downfall — after Kelley came to him for help upon receiving the anonymous threats. The FBI declined to identify the agent, who is now under an internal investigation by the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

After Kelley, a married mother of three, told the agent about the emails, he referred the matter to a cyber crimes unit. Shortly thereafter, the agent was barred from the case over concerns that he ‘might have grown obsessed with the matter,’ the Journal reports.

Even after he was prohibited from involvement in the case, the agent decided to contact a member of Congress, Republican David Reichert, about the matter. He complained that senior FBI officials were going to ‘sweep the matter under the rug,’ the FBI learned.

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