Holocaust Survivor Returns US Flag to Family of Soldier Who Rescued Him

A Holocaust survivor returned an American flag to the family of a soldier who had given him the gift, the sole memento from his war-torn childhood that he kept for 67 years.

Stephan Ross, now 81, was found by U.S. serviceman Steve Sattler, emaciated and terrified at Dachau concentration camp in Germany. After handing over his rations to the boy during the 1945 liberation, Sattler then gave him his handkerchief decorated with the Stars and Stripes.

On Veteran’s Day this Sunday, Mr Ross had the opportunity for the first time to thank the family of the man who rescued him.

He hugged the children and grandchildren of Mr Sattler during the emotional meeting at the State House in Boston. Mr Ross wore a striped jacket and hat, like the camp uniform, along with his identification number.

The 81-year-old gave Mr Sattler’s family a boxed flag, saying: ‘God Bless, America’.

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