Karl Rove “Temper Tantrum” Mocked by Bart Simpson on Fox (+video)

Karl Rove’s temper tantrum on Election Night was immediately mocked by one of the Fox News anchors on set that night, and predictably a number of Democratic pundits took pleasure by reveling in the political operative’s pain.

Now Bart Simpson can be added to the list of Rove’s critics, as the cartoon character made a slight during The Simpson’s opening credits. The perpetually-teenage character is seen writing ‘I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.’

The sentence follows the ongoing gag where Bart is shown writing a different sentence on the chalkboard each time, as the act of repeatedly writing a line on the board is considered a penalty in typical after school detention.

On Election Night, Rove made himself the subject of mockery after arguing live on Fox News that the network was wrong and that Romney had won Ohio even though they were ready to call it for Obama.

Adding to the insult, The Simpsons airs on Fox which is the same network that pays Rove as a contributor to their news division. Read more from this story HERE.