Mark Levin: ‘Republican Leaders Are Really Stupid People,’ ‘Bunch Of Self-Defeating Morons’ (+video)

photo credit: markn3telReflecting on the aftermath of the presidential election, radio host Mark Levin said that “Republican leaders are really stupid people” and that if the party doesn’t change “I’m getting out.”

Levin was criticizing leaders in the Republican Party for seemingly caving to liberal demands before discussions on keys issues such as immigration have even taken place.

“You know, I’ve always known this but I’m coming to the conclusion yet again, that Republican leaders are really stupid people. And I’m coming to the conclusion that there are an awful lot of stupid people posing as commentators on cable TV.”

Levin took jabs at Speaker John Boehner for statements he made regarding Obamacare, taxes and immigration reform.

“I listen to John Boehner and I have to say, the man is very stupid. I’m sorry, it’s true. What do you want me to do, pretend otherwise? He’s not a conservative. He blurts out platitudes but he doesn’t give a damn. He’s ready to deal…Obama hasn’t said a damn thing publicly and already Boehner’s negotiating with himself – throwing out one principle after another.” Read more from this story HERE.