Reporter Details Journalists’ Private Anti-Mormon Bigotry

The press corps following presidential candidate Mitt Romney frequently displayed anti-Mormon bigotry through the election season, according to fellow reporter and BuzzFeed Politics author McKay Coppins.

Coppins, who is also a Mormon, offers several interesting bits of information and even makes Mitt out to be the John Kennedy of Mormonism; like Kennedy did for Catholics, Romney’s candidacy brought his religion out from under the shadows of suspicion and into the mainstream in politics.

Most importantly, the piece reveals the stark and casual anti-Mormon bigotry of fellow members of the Old Media establishment.

Coppins recalls that other reporters following Romney constantly sniggered about his “Mormon underwear” and often made jokes about his religion in the privacy of the press plane or on their many bus trips.

The jokes from his fellows made Coppins uncomfortable. At one point he “slid down in his seat” and pretended to look at his phone to avoid eye contact with the guffawing bigots surrounding him.

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