Senate Candidate Murphy Endorsed By Communist Party

Joelle Fishman, who chairs the Connecticut chapter of Communist Party USA, has endorsed Democrat Chris Murphy for the U.S. Senate.

Writing in People’s World, Fishman praised Murphy’s votes in favor of ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood funding, and pro-union issues. Referring to Murphy’s opponent, moderate Linda McMahon, as a “tea party extremist,” Fishman accused McMahon of investing “$77 million of her own money to buy this Senate seat.” She praised Murphy for his stance on higher taxes for the rich.

Apparently threatened by an ad in which McMahon encourages Obama supporters to consider voting for both Obama for president and herself for U.S. Senate, Fishman said, “McMahon’s attempt to con African American and Latino voters who support Obama is a chilling expression of her attitude toward all working people.”

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