Video: Vicious Attack By “Muslim Extremists” in San Francisco on 62 Year Old Cameraman

Restoring Liberty recently commented on a story about San Francisco’s proposed public nudity ban, saying that the city might be “experiencing a fit of sanity.” We were wrong.

In the footage below, you’ll see crowds of pro-Hamas demonstrators screaming profanities and reacting in other very uncivil ways to the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

A cameraman who films one young miscreant is cussed out and then, according to the You Tube editor, is “kicked karate style in the abdomen…”

The camera cuts to a scene where police officer are arresting the individual who continues to react profanely.

The YouTube editor states that the “crowd of Far Left and Muslim extremists was hyped up into hateful frenzy by anti-Semitic speakers.”

Here’s the video: