Woman Angered by Not Having to Show ID Tries to Vote Twice

Roxanne Rubin was upset poll workers did not check her ID, so she tried to vote twice to prove a point, according to the Nevada secretary of state’s office.

Rubin, 56, was arrested Friday by the state’s multijurisdictional Elections Integrity Task Force and charged with trying to vote more than once in the same election, a felony.

When reached Monday, Rubin said she wants to share her side of the story. “I can’t talk, and I’m dying to,” Rubin said. “I’m talkative by nature.”

In a sworn affidavit, criminal investigator Shelley Neiman wrote that Rubin was “willing to risk the penalty in order to expose what she perceived as a weakness in the voting process” and that Rubin “was unhappy with the process; specifically in that her identification was not checked.”

Neiman wrote that Rubin “wanted to make a point” by testing the system and trying to cast another vote.

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