Iran Warns: Terrorism to Spread to Washington DC

In a story carried by Iran’s FARS News Agency, a senior Iranian religious cleric warned that Washington, D.C. should prepare for terrorist attacks in the future.

This warning followed a brutal attack on Shiites in Pakistan that Iran blames on the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The FARS media outlet, effectively controlled by the Iranian government, said that Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi – a senior Iranian religious leader – condemned

the massacre of Shiite Muslims in a terrorist attack in Pakistan which he said has been financed by the US and Saudi Arabia, and warned that the terrorism that these countries support will one day backfire and target Washington, London and Riyadh.

“A horrible crime has happened in Pakistan and a number of predator animals who are called Wahhabi Takfiris have detonated bombs in a Shiite convention and martyred 120 people and injured hundreds,” Makarem Shirazi said in the Central city of Qom on Wednesday.

He blamed the US and Saudi officials for financing such crimes against the Shiite Muslims, and said, “Today this crime was committed in Quetta, Pakistan, and tomorrow it will be Washington’s, London’s, Egypt’s and even Saudi Arabia’s turn.”

Makarem Shirazi also blasted the Pakistani government for it loose security measures in protection of the Shiite community in the country.

A total of 129 people were killed and 280 wounded in three bomb attacks across Pakistan on Thursday.

Ninety-two people were killed and 200 others wounded in a twin bombing that targeted Shiite Muslims in a crowded billiards hall in the western city of Quetta. Earlier in the day, 12 security forces were also killed in a bomb explosion at a security check point in the city.

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