Video: NRA Calls Obama An Elitist Hypocrite, Says ‘America Speaks for Itself’

By The Telegraph. The US gun lobby lashed out at President Barack Obama on Tuesday as an “elitist hypocrite” for providing Secret Service protection to his daughters but balking at having armed guards in all schools.

In a 35-second video released on its website, the National Rifle Association slammed the duplicity of “protection for their kids, and gun-free zones for ours,” amid a heated, nationwide gun control debate in the wake of a deadly school shooting.

The advert was released just a day before President Obama unveiled new measures aimed at increasing gun control across the US.

The president called for a ban on the sale of “military-style assault weapons” such as the rifle used at Sandy Hook elementary on December 14, noting that former President Ronald Reagan, the hero of today’s Republican Party, urged Washington to prohibit their manufacture in 1994.

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