Video: Frank Luntz’ Focus Group Lauds Ben Carson’s Speech – ‘It’s Not American To Bite Your Tongue’ (+video)

Photo Credit: Getty Images Dr. Benjamin Carson, the pediatric neurosurgeon who attacked political correctness and staked out positions opposite the White House on debt, taxes and health care in a speech in front of President Barack Obama, was a hit with pollster Frank Luntz’s focus group Friday night.

During “Hannity” on Fox News, participants said Carson’s provocative speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week spoke to them because he seemed “just like me — he was just a regular ordinary person.”

“It’s not American to bite your tongue,” another participant said.

Carson, who told TheBlaze that Obama thanked him for his words, has been asked repeatedly whether his headline-grabbing address might mean a run for political office.

See video:

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