O’Reilly Producer Tracks Down Obama’s Illegal Immigrant Uncle- And This Uncomfortable Interview Attempt Ensues (+video)

Photo Credit: Fox NewsFox News’ Jesse Watters recently tracked down Onyango Obama, President Barack Obama’s illegal immigrant uncle, in Framingham, Mass., where he is currently working at a local liquor store.

What ensued was an on-camera battle of wits, as Watters attempted to get Onyango to speak about his citizenship status. When the Fox News producer walked into the store where Onyango works, the president’s uncle immediately demanded that he leave.

Of course, that didn’t stop the reporter from continuing to push for answers. After Watters was rebuked by Onyango, the producer and interviewer said, ”You don’t have to get angry with me. I just have a quick question.”

Onyango’s response? ”No questions. Thank you.”

But the dialogue didn’t end there. As Watters followed Onyango around the store, he had little luck in convincing him to go on the record to discuss his immigration status. Eventually, the president’s uncle threatened the Fox News employee, telling him that he called the cops and that they would soon be coming to remedy the situation.

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