Panel Calls Reparative Therapy For Homosexuals A Human Rights Violation

Photo Credit: Life Site NewsTherapy to help people change unwanted same sex attraction should be banned and labeled a human rights violation, according to a panel of advocates at the Church Center, a gathering place of left-wing groups near the United Nations.

Although the event was advertised as “the first ever UN discussion on the legalities, ethics, and science behind the movement promoting [efforts to change sexual orientation],” it was held off UN property, sponsored by non-governmental organizations, and did not feature representatives of any UN member states.

Researcher Rebecca Jordan-Young of Barnard College said she was “deeply in agreement with the premise of this meeting, that sexual orientation change efforts are in fact a human rights violation and a problem,” while cautioning the audience against relying too heavily on science to back that position.

“We don’t really know how sexual orientation develops,” Jordan-Young continued, adding “there’s a pretty strong trend among people who support human rights and civil rights for gay and lesbian people, to think of sexual orientation as something that’s fundamentally biologically driven…I want to suggest that we don’t want to peg our human rights efforts on that.”

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