The President Shoots??

Photo Credit: Bruce KrastingAnyway, I know a thing or two about skeet shooting. In this sport you have beginner shooters who don’t really know what they are doing, you have amateurs that are “regular” shooters who take it seriously, and you have guys and gals that shoot 25 out of 25, again and again.

The following is a picture of a person who has not shot skeet before. This person doesn’t know how to hold the gun properly. This person is going to get a big recoil in the arm that will hurt. No one has bothered to show this person how to hold a gun. This person has not been taught how to position the body to make a successful shot. This person has no chance of hitting a moving target. This person is not wearing the proper clothing for a skeet range (padded vest that has pockets for 25 shells). This person is pretending to shoot skeet. This is a photo-op:

I don’t mean to make fun of the President’s shooting skills. New shooters are always welcome on skeet ranges. I’m glad to see the Prez give this sport a shot, so to speak.

But the spin from the White House on this story is that Obama is banging away every weekend and he is an avid shooter. The president was quoted:

“I do it all the time”

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