Al Gore Calls The NRA ‘A Complete Fraud’, But Al-Jazeera Is ‘High-Quality, Honest-To-Goodness News’

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Austin, Texas is playing host to stars in the worlds of film, music, technology and politics as the annual South By Southwest Conferences (SXSW) kicked off this weekend. Saturday’s keynote speech featured former Vice President Al Gore and Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. The official title of the event was “Al Gore on The Future.” Coincidentally, “The Future” is also the title of Gore’s latest book. (currently ranked #326 on

In the well attended session, Gore actually stayed true to his recycling mantra and actually revisited a theme from 2012′s keynote session with Sean Parker. In that session, Gore was talking about the risks to American democracy and told Parker and the crowd, “Our democracy has been hijacked.”

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon, March 8, 2013. Gore and Mossberg on the stage in front of a full house at the Austin Convention Center. Mr. Gore told the crowd, “Our country is in very serious trouble. But that does not mean I am optimistic.” Then the former Vice President shifted focused to the topic of money and politics and trotted out last year’s catchphrase, “Our democracy has been hijacked.”

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