Gosnell Fallout: Another Ohio Abortion Clinic Forced to Close its Doors

Photo Credit: bradbrundageThe state is shutting down an abortion provider in Cuyahoga Falls.

The Ohio Department of Health recently issued an order to Capital Care Network, 2127 State Road, saying it was revoking the clinic’s Health Care Facility license to operate an outpatient surgical facility. The clinic is prohibited from “performing medical services, including surgical procedures, pharmaceutical services and anesthesia services,” according to an April 16 adjudication order.

The state health department did an annual inspection at Capital Care on Feb. 14 and found numerous Ohio Administrative Code violations. The department issued a notice that it planned to revoke the clinic’s license.

The clinic didn’t request a hearing.

Tess Pollock, a spokeswoman for the state agency, said the clinic “had a long list of violations, so we needed to move forward.”

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