Kelsey Grammer as "Boss" Comes Back on Blu-Ray to Portray Politics in Chicago

Photo Credit: IrishCentral

When the brilliant television series Boss didn’t get renewed for a third season, superstar Kelsey Grammer didn’t hold back when he voiced his opinion that politics was behind the decision.

“Boss” featured Grammer as the all powerful, amoral/corrupt Tom Kane,Mayor of Chicago, who knew how to keep the city running by political patronage, outright corruption and making offers you better not refuse.

Grammer, an unapologetic republican, has publicly stated his conservative political leaning has made him a target in Hollywood and might have something to do with the shows cancellation. He also thought his politics had something to do with his Emmy snub last year, after he earned a Golden Globe for the role.

But the Starz Network, who brought the show to the screen, said that declining audience numbers were behind the decision to cancel the show after only two seasons.

Grammers acting was superb and showcased his talent that transformed him from the likable character he played in “Cheers” and “Frazier,” into a ruthless politician in “Boss.” He deserved the Golden Globe for his acting ability and fans also thought he deserved the Emmy as well.

As Mayor, he secretly suffers from a debilitating brain disease which must be kept from his enemies as well as his allies…they remind you of what it would be like to hold a rabid wolf by the ears. Finding the right drug treatment keeps him publicly on an even keel, but just below the surface he is plagued by demons which the disease manifests.

His wife Meredith, brilliantly played by Connie Nielsen, (Starred in Gladiator) is just as addicted to the reins of power as her husband. She can be as cold and ruthless as Grammer in order to maintain that power. But the marriage is more a political partnership than a real marriage and there is little, if any love between them.

Their daughter Hannah, is a 20 something drug addict, a product of the loveless marriage of convenience. Hannah Ware, plays the role perfectly as she rebels against the facade her family has created. She delves into the world of drugs and has a love affair with a low level drug dealer affiliated with Chicago gang violence.

The cast of characters in the show are gritty and realistic and portray a corrupt world of politics that probably is uncomfortably close to the truth, for many of Americas big cities.

Boss season 2 is available on Blu-Ray and DVD starting April 9 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment


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