The Brilliant Gun Confiscation Trap

It is so simple and will be so effective it is simply nuts! I am referring to the trap that is being carefully laid by liberals to confiscate the guns of a significant number of law abiding Americans. It would be crazy to try and push their full agenda at once, so they do what liberals are much better at doing than conservatives: they will take it one step at a time and slowly tighten the noose.

Here’s how it will work: it seems to be common sense that no one wants the mentally ill to have access to firearms. After all, the shooters from Columbine to Aurora to Sandy Hook were mentally ill (at least judging by the fruit of their actions). Most of us would probably agree that no one wants individuals like that to be armed. Thus lies the rationale to clamp down on background checks and create a national ‘database’ to filter these individuals out.

Any politician who shows the smallest amount of hesitation to such a common sense plan will be immediately crucified in the media and will be shouted down so loud that any concerns they might have will not be able to be heard. So, the bill for a mental health ‘check’ will be passed for all firearm purchases. In conjunction, there will be an allowance for guns to be ‘secured’ (read confiscated) for those already possessing them and deemed ‘mentally ill.’

Now for the bait and switch. Who decides who is mentally ill? Your and my definition likely differs from those who are eyeing this as the path to confiscation. Once there is a legal path to any type of confiscation, such as outlined above, the flood gates will open. While it likely starts with those taking prescription medications with known psychotic side effects, it will then expand to almost all that are on medications for psychological reasons, including depression (even seasonal SAD). A small segment of the gun owning population will lose their firearms as they are demonized by the media for objecting to such actions.

Why would it stop there? It will then be time to consider all who see a psychologist as unfit for owning firearms. Once again it is another relatively small population segment that will not be able to fight back the overwhelming force of DHS, ATF, or whatever is the chosen acronym (heck even the IRS is heavily armed these days). As a result, many will no longer get the counseling or other mental health services they need for fear of their firearms being taken away. Spun carefully by the media, these confiscations will seem not only logical, but they will make it seem as though it is irresponsible to handle the situation any other way.

But it won’t stop there. If you thought the Saudi ‘person of interest’ from the Boston Marathon bombing was deported way too fast, you can be classified as a profiling bigot. There must be something wrong with you mentally. Off with your guns!

If you think abortion is wrong you are now considered anti-woman and will need to check in your guns with the government (though I suspect if your name is Kermit Gosnell you may get to keep your scissors).

What if you don’t support ‘marriage equally’ and realize it will lead to the normalization of legal polygamy and even bestiality? You are clearly hate-filled and mentally ill. Your firearms will need to go to big sister for safe keeping!

What if you are a Bible believing Christian? Just for that you lose you guns since you are obviously deranged in the eyes of those classifying mental illness.

Each group disarmed will make the next group’s disarming progressively easier even though the accusations will become more and more preposterous. That is how it works. They will have full media cover for each ‘common sense’ gun grab and history shows that people generally let tyranny slide until it impacts them personally. And then only after the pain becomes too great. By then it will be too late.

It starts by making a law that allows the taking the firearms of the ones generally dismissed as ‘mentally ill’ since no one can defend not supporting such a plan. However once that is legal, YOU will be branded as ‘mentally ill’ in some form or fashion. Call me crazy for suggesting such a scenario. I am sure the government gun grabbers already do.