Anthony Weiner Kept Sexting After Resignation (+video)

Photo Credit: APBy Mike Zapler and Katie Glueck

Joined by his wife at a dramatic news conference Tuesday, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner acknowledged that he continued to have illicit relationships with women online even after he resigned his seat in Congress two years ago over the same behavior.

“Some of these things happened before my resignation, some of them happened after,” Weiner said.

It was an astonishing admission: After an episode that wrecked his political career, nearly destroyed his marriage, and made him an object of international mockery, Weiner couldn’t stop himself from going back for more. Until now a leading contender for mayor, Weiner intends to seek forgiveness from New Yorkers, again.

Asked when he stopped exchanging raunchy messages with other women, Weiner pointed to “sometime last summer” though he said he couldn’t “say exactly when.” Read more from this story HERE.


Photo Credit: Christopher SadowskWeiner admits to XXX online chats with woman for 6 months after resigning from Congress because of sext scandal; won’t drop out of race

By Carl Campanile. Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted today he had another extended, raunchy online sexual relationship with a young woman — just months after resigning in disgrace from Congress in a sexting scandal.

But he won’t be dropping out of the race. And his wife, Huma Abedin, is standing by him.

In a hasty scheduled joint press conference Abedin, Weiner said he will forge ahead with the campaign despite the latest sex scandal.

Weiner insisted that Huma knew all the details of the new revelations and insisted it’s “behind” them.

Abedin, sometimes looking uncomfortable and stiff, stood by her husband. Read more from this story HERE.


Huma and Anthony: Scenes from a marriage

By Glenn Thrush. New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner unleashed his typical torrent of verbiage on Tuesday — but words couldn’t compete with the excruciating image of his embarrassed wife squirming in the spotlight both have sought.

In the most cringe-worthy moment of a four-month political comeback yarn that has tested Gotham’s gag reflex, Huma Abedin, the dignified wife of a serially disgraced Democrat, nervously defended her husband at a Tuesday press conference.

Her effort came amid new disclosures Weiner had shared an online relationship, and anatomical snapshots, with yet another female admirer.

If the presence of Abedin, an elegant longtime aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, was intended to buttress the former congressman’s decision to remain in the race, it graphically illustrated the personal toll his quest is taking on his family, and represented the gravest threat yet to Weiner’s fragile repentance-and-redemption narrative. Read more from this story HERE.