Bill O’Reilly Believes that Preachers Should be Jailed for Telling Homosexuals They’re Going to Hell (+video)

In a pathetic exchange with Fox Commentator John Stossel, Bill O’Reilly maintains that a preacher should not be allowed to tell homosexuals that they’re going to hell.

O’Reilly pontificated that “that should be against the law.” In O’Reilly’s view, preaching hell as a consequence to sin brings “intentional personal anguish” to the homosexual and he or she should be protected from such words.

Stossel weakly pushed back, suggesting that the line should be drawn at “fighting words” but O’Reilly interrupted retorting, “Well, going to Hell is pretty violent…”

O’Reilly concluded that no one should be able to “terrorize someone” because of disagreements over beliefs.