Convicted Child Sex Abusers Sue For $10M, Claim NY State Program Violated Their Rights

Photo Credit: rakkhiThey are some of the most sexually violent predators, convicted of hideous crimes, such as sexually abusing a five-year-old.

Now they want $10 million.

The civil case in Manhattan’s federal court pits half a dozen child sex offenders against the former governor of New York, George Pataki, and a slew of former state prison and health officials. The six are suing the officials over a 2005 state government program that was designed to keep child sex offenders off the streets, but was disbanded a year later after a New York court ruled against it.

The plaintiffs were serving their prison sentences for their crimes. But they claim that the program, “The Sexually Violent Predator Initiative,” violated their rights by confining them to psychiatric hospitals without a court hearing, just before their sentences were scheduled to be completed.

The lawsuit of lead plaintiff Kenneth Bailey says that “after twelve years behind bars, in the final days of his sentence, [he] was deprived of his freedom and civilly committed to an indefinite sentence in a state-run psychiatric facility. Although the New York State Corrections Law requires that a specific procedure be followed when an inmate is to be confined in a psychiatric facility, those responsible for putting plaintiff there blatantly and deliberately ignored the prescriptions of that law.”

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