Shock: Study Finds Washington D.C. the Least Honest Place in America

Photo Credit: CorbisGeorge Washington believed honesty was the most enviable quality in a human being, but the residents of the city that bears his name clearly don’t agree.

People in Washington D.C. are by far the most dishonest in America, according to a new study, while their cousins in Hawaii and Alabama are basically saints.

Beverage company Honest Tea went to every U.S. state earlier this month and set up 61 unmanned kiosks offering tea for $1. Tea drinkers were instructed to place their buck in a box nearby.

But only eight in 10 beverage guzzlers in the nation’s capital paid for their tea, while the other 20 per cent of people skipped out on the minimal amount.

The other states where you should hold on to your purse were West Virginia where only 85 per cent of participants paid for their tea, followed by Texas and Kentucky at 87 per cent.

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