Darwin Debunked at Hollywood High

Photo Credit: WNDDocumentaries, especially those quoting renowned scientists talking about their specialties, often are dull. So how is this “Evolution vs. God” project by Christian evangelist Ray Comfort raising so much ruckus?

Perhaps it’s because the evolutionary experts themselves are unable to provide scientific evidence to support the theory to which they have devoted their lives…

Other atheists joined the call, with Andrew Dougy Rutherford stating, “Yeah, getting to see the full unedited interviews would be great. If your case against them is as solid as you claim then you would have no problem doing this.”

Added Andy Ball, “Yes please do release the unedited interviews, let us judge for ourselves what they’re talking about.”

“They are worried, and they’ve got a right to be,” commented Comfort.

“‘Evolution vs. God’ shows that there’s no evidence for Darwinian evolution – that it rests on nothing but blind faith,” he said. “So they are hoping to find some ‘silver bullet’ in what wasn’t used that will discredit the movie. They know that millions are going to end up seeing evolutionary scientists from USC and UCLA gasping like fish out of water, as they try to think of scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution.”

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