Sour Note: God Ditched from Swiss National Anthem

Photo Credit: WNDThe Swiss government is holding a competition where artists are being asked to rewrite the nation’s national anthem because it references God too much, and officials want that played down.

According to a report Thursday from the Christian Institute, the Swiss Psalm, as the anthem is known now, will be rewritten and the winning composer will get a prize of about $10,000.

Lukas Niederberger, who is running the competition for the government, told the BBC, “The real problem is above all the text.”

In English, the words include, “When the morning skies grow red, and over us their radiance shed, Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light. When the alps glow bright with splendor, pray to God, to Him surrender for you feel and understand that He dwelleth in this land.”

Another verse includes, “When to Heaven we are departing joy and bliss Thou’lt be imparting for we feel and understand that Thou dwellest in this land.”

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